The biryani leaf or bay leaf we use in our diet has many medicinal benefits. We all think that the bay leaf we add to our dishes is just for smell and taste. But adding this leaf to the diet solves many problems including immunity and inflammation.

The bay leaf is said to be the leaf of the laurel tree native to the Mediterranean region. This leaf has many other names such as Tamalapathiri, Lavangapathiri, Biryani leaf, Bark leaf, Malabar leaf.

Nutrients in brinjal leaf

This type of leaf is widely cultivated in Nepal, Bhutan, and the Himalayas. This leaf is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, minerals such as calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, selenium, and iron.

Let's take a look at the benefits of adding this leaf to your diet, which contains so many nutrients.

Benefits of Briyani leaf

Bay leaf oil

The oil is extracted from the bay leaf. This oil is used as a medicine for hand and foot pain. Also, during a headache, rubbing and massaging with this oil will reduce the pain in 1 minute.

Get peace of mind

Take a dried biryani leaf and burn it in a room and go out of home for 10 minutes and when you enter that room again you can feel a peaceful atmosphere there. It is said to give peace of mind as positive energy flow is generated in the smoke of the burnt leaf.

Food is digestible

This leaf works as a remedy for problems in the colon and stomach. It contains a protein called 'Enzymes' which helps in quick digestion of food.

Reduces stress

Biryani leaves improve the secretion of insulin in the body, so it is very beneficial for diabetics. It contains a chemical called 'linalool' which helps in reducing and resisting stress.

Protects against cancer

Bay leaf contains caffeic acid, such as quercetin and eugenol. These inhibit the growth of cancer cells and protect us from the risk of cancer.

Removes unwanted fat

The acid 'caffeic' and 'rutin' in these leaves strengthen the thin blood vessels in the heart. It removes unwanted fat from the body.

Improves heart health

Putting biryani leaf in water and drinking a tumbler of this water daily can help get rid of kidney problems and kidney stones. It is noteworthy that the nutrients and compounds in the biryani leaf have been reported to improve heart health and prevent heart attack and stroke by drinking this water.

Biryani leaf to help for sleep

People who suffer from insomnia put biryani leaves in water and boil. Drink that water to get a good deep restful sleep.

Eliminates various diseases

Depression and tension are increasing day by day for humans. In this case, burning the biryani leaf used for biryani can relieve stress, according to a study. Take a brinjal leaf and burn it to get peace of mind and relief from stress in 5 minutes. The bay leaf is also a great remedy for vomiting, mouth ulcers, dehydration, fever, shortness of breath, and gastritis.

Use of bay leaf

Bay leaf is used to flavor curries, cakes, desserts, beverages, and bread. Used to stimulate appetite, correct digestive disorders, and correct kidney disorders. Used as a seasoning and seasoning for pickles and sauces. It is also used in the preparation of sweets.