A nutritious food that Islamists love to eat. An important food served at the festival of Islam.
Many plants that grow on the earth are used as medicine. Similarly, seaweed, a marine plant, is used medicinally. Red and green algae contain a medicinal substance called "carrageenan". It is used as a medicine for various ailments. The seaweed "Green algae" is a remedy for various stomach ailments.
Turville, a seaweed, cures skin diseases. In general, the role of the thyroid in pregnancy is very high. Fertility is definitely delayed if the thyroid is not getting the right amount in women's bodies. Adding fish, seaweed, and white seaweed called 'Agar Agar' to the diet can help regulate the thyroid.
Seaweed is a gift of nature. 500 mg of seaweed is equivalent to one kilogram of vegetables. People over the age of 12 can take two tablets of one gram and one tablet of half a gram for small children.
Cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, joint pain, iron deficiency, menstrual diseases, and whitening can be prevented.
Seaweed is increasingly being exported abroad. It is also used to make tablets in India.
Those who go to space on a rocket eat only tablets made from seaweed.
A large number of farmers are interested in this industry as it generates additional income.
Although there are about 25,000 species of algae in the world, only 75 species are used as food.
Spirulina algae are high in protein and other nutrients. Easily digestible. Studies show that they help people with diabetes.
Studies show that they help prevent the spread of diseases such as cancer and AIDS. The fat in this algae has the "gamma-linoleic" acid found only in breast milk.
It is noteworthy that various value-added products such as biscuits, chocolate, wrap, semolina, papad, laddu, and soft drinks are made from this moss and are available in natural restaurants.
Seaweed - Some Medicinal Uses
1. Good for intestinal and ulcers.
2. Relieves body heat.
3. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins.
Seaweed called China grass in English.
The seaweed dessert recipe given here is very easy. This is what Islamists do in a variety of ways.

Method of preparation of coconut water seaweed: -
Ingredients required:
 Seaweed - 10 g
 Water - two tumblers
 Coconut water - half (or) three-quarters of a tumbler
Sugar - the required amount
tender coconut
Almond flakes- a tablespoon
Pour two tumblers of water into a mouth-wide pan, add seaweed and sugar and bring to a boil. Stir well and let it boil.
Remove the pan from the stove when the well-boiled seaweed dissolves and the water begins to clear.
Drain the algae-mixed water in another bowl.
Pour the filtered water into a square bowl and mix it with coconut water. Scrape the tender coconut with a spoon and sprinkle on top.
Next, sprinkle almonds flakes on top of it.
Slightly thickens when cool down. Then place that pan in the refrigerator.
Once the seaweed has hardened and cooled, take it and chop it into the desired shape