One of the sour taste ingredients. It is rare to find non-tamarind broth in South Indian cuisine. Everything like sambar and rasam, will not taste good if tamarind is not added. The food we eat must have salt, tamarind, and salt. If it is not mainly tamarind, many times the food will not taste good. The same tamarind has a lot of medicinal properties. There are those who simply eat tamarind without adding it to their recipes.

Tamarind Tree

The tropical tamarind tree is drought tolerant. It does not need water after some growth. The leaves, flowers, pods, nuts, and bark of the tree and resins are all useful for us. Its wood is used to make sturdy furniture.

We get tamarind from such a tree. Tamarind tree not only gives shade to man but is also an important food item to be added to food for taste and health. This tree grows up to 80 feet tall, can live more than 100 years. If the nut is grown as a plant, it will start flowering in a maximum of 4 years.

Nutrients contained in tamarind

100 g of tamarind contains 7% of calcium, 20% of iron, 6% of vitamin C, 1% of vitamin A, 13% of potassium, 12% of niacin, 16% of phosphorus, 23% of magnesium, and 13% of fiber.

Health benefits of tamarind

Tamarind is one of the most widely used ingredients in our South Indian cuisine. So far we have been reminded of this tamarind just for taste. But there are numerous health benefits behind it. Let's see what they are,

Acts as a pain reliever

In case of swelling, sprain, or seizure in any part of the body such as arm, leg, or hip, dissolve the tamarind well, boil it with salt and apply it on the affected area. It will cure pain, swelling, and sprain. 

Cure dysury

Dysury is one of the problems of men during the summer. Some people experience severe irritation and pain in the penis during those times. In those cases, if you take the whole or only the skin of the nut and eat it, you will get instant healing.

Has anti-inflammatory properties

Both tamarind and tamarind leaves have anti-inflammatory properties. We get a lot of diseases because of chronic inflammation. So to get rid of this chronic inflammation, you can use tamarind juice or tamarind tea with honey to it and drink it daily. Will make good progress.

Protecting heart health

Tamarind contains flavonoids and polyphenols that protect heart health. These increase the good cholesterol in our body and lower the bad cholesterol and triglyceride. Increases immunity. Thus the heart will be healthy and safe. Tamarind works very fast in dissolving the bad cholesterol that has accumulated in the heart.

Reducing abdominal pain

For those who suffer from fever and stomach ache, soak the tamarind in water and then dissolve it well and give it to drink along with jaggery for immediate relief.

Preventing vomiting and nausea

Women often suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy. When you wake up in the morning there will be vomiting, nausea, excessive hunger, and so on. Vomiting occurs immediately after eating anything. Our ancestors have been using tamarind for generations to stop this.

So nausea and vomiting will be reduced to some extent when pregnant women add tamarind. And women are more likely to suffer from constipation during pregnancy. Tamarind is also a laxative. You can taste sour juice to prevent nausea.

Reducing body heat

Take the required amount of both tamarind flower, young tamarind, and add dried chilies and salt to it and let it dry. If it is eaten like pickles, it will reduce body heat and cause a good appetite.
Tamarind is used in many specialties in desserts, snacks, and food preparation. We also get the full health benefit by eating tamarind often.