Microwaves are electromagnetic waves! Microwaves with a frequency of 2500 MHz are generated by a device called a magnetron in a microwave oven.

These microwaves penetrate some objects. Inhibited by some substances, absorbed by some substances.

Porcelain, glass, and plastic materials absorb microwaves. Therefore, utensils in those materials are used in the microwave. Metals block microwaves. Therefore, metalware is not used. Most food items are penetrated by microwaves.

Microwaves, which are absorbed by vessels made of porcelain, glass, or special plastic materials, vibrate the molecules in the food and push the antibodies in its atoms to a higher energy level. Due to this heat is generated. Thus, the heat generated inside the food heats the food.

The food is heated evenly by rotating the container in which the food is placed. Thus as the food is heated from inside to the outside, the pot does not heat up. However, not all food items can be heated in the microwave. Example: meat, ice cream