Banaganapalli Mangoes is grown in only a few parts of Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh has got the geographical code for the delicious 'Banganapalli' mango.

Recently the Andhra Pradesh government got Geocode for 2 items namely Udayagiri wooden cutlery and Bandar Laddu. In this situation, an application was made to the office in Chennai on behalf of the Andhra Pradesh Horticulture Department asking for the geo-code for the Banganapalli type mango. This type of mango has a tradition of 100 years in Andhra Pradesh and is mentioned in the application as the king of all fruits.

Some documents proving the indigenous history of Banganapalli Mango, evidence that about 7.28 lakh people were involved in the production of this type of mango, and a certificate of objection were obtained and submitted from the Horticulture Department of Andhra Pradesh. After considering these, the authorities have given a geographical code to the Banganapalli mango.

Known by the names of Beneshan, Baneshan, Benishan, Saapattai, Sabeda, Banganapalli, and Banginapalli, this mango is a popular fruit all over the country. It is noteworthy that this mango is native to the Kurnool district.

About 5500 tonnes of mangoes are exported annually from Andhra Pradesh. It is noteworthy that about 1461 crore rupees are traded annually through this.

Banganapalli Mango is one of the varieties of mango grown in the Indian subcontinent.

It is widely grown in the village of Banakanapalli in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, hence the name Banganapalli. It also grows in the villages of Paaniyam and Nandiyal in Kurnool district. Next to this mango produces in Kadapa and Chittoor districts.

Next to Andhra Pradesh, Telangana also produces this mango. Produced in Mahabubnagar, Khammam, Ranga Reddy, and Adilabad districts.

These mangoes are quality, fiber-free, and have good resilience, and can be transported over long distances.

It tastes good, is moderately juicy, with a thick fleshy, large, corn-yellow flesh.