Our forefathers set up their diet and lifestyle realizing that all the ingredients we use in our daily cooking help our health in some way. Garlic is one of the most important food items used by them.

Garlic is one of the plant species. These are unstable, with green stems. Garlic is less than a meter tall. These are specific seasonal plants. The above-ground parts of the leaf and stem are found only during certain seasons. After that, they will disappear.

Garlic has a spicy taste and aroma. Garlic cannot be eaten raw. So they used it in all food items.

The nutrients contained in the Garlic

Garlic is often used in almost all dishes. Garlic is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, potassium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine, sulfur, chlorine, and protein.

Types of Garlic

There are many types of garlic, including garlic, mountain garlic, ground garlic, native garlic, Taiwanese or Chinese garlic.

There are three types of garlic: One-year plants, biennials, and perennials. Garlic, a one-year plant, will be completely extinct within a year after the end of their growing season. Although the leaves and stems are destroyed at the end of the first year season of the two-year-old type of garlic, areas like roots and tubers under the ground survive for some time. During the next season, the stems and leaves grow from them and bloom and die after the seeds are formed. In perennials, some areas under the ground can last for many years. New stems and leaves are formed each season.

Uses of Garlic

Garlic plants have been used in cooking since ancient times. Garlic is an essential ingredient in medicine and cooking. Its stalk, leaf, root, tuber, etc. have nutritious food. As well as some other garlic elements are used as spices in food. Parts of many garlic have medicinal properties. Garlic has beautiful flowers and leaves and is also grown at home as an ornamental plant.

Medicinal uses of Garlic

Increases immunity

When the body's immune system is weakened, physical fatigue, physical weakness, and mental fatigue can occur. The anti-oxidants in the garlic give the body a high level of immunity. Thus the body gets refreshed.

Increasing the secretion of breast milk
To increase the secretion of breast milk, boiled garlic is mixed with milk and eaten. Soaking garlic in milk and eating it will increase the secretion of breast milk and increase the immunity of the baby.

Reduce obesity

Garlic dissolves and expels bad fats from the body. For those who want to lose weight, chewing garlic on an empty stomach every morning will gradually reduce the belly and significantly reduce body weight.

Marital life will improve

People who are less involved in married life and have less masculinity will be can eat garlic for improvement.

Expelling mucus

If people with colds drink milk adding four cloves of garlic, the mucus in the chest will be expelled. It is also the best medicine for people with tuberculosis. Garlic dissolves and expels if there is thick mucus in the lungs.

Preventing cancer
Garlic has the power to prevent cancer. Also, for ulcers caused by cancer, the ulcers will heal faster if you take garlic along with cancer tablets. 

Expelling intestinal worms

To stay healthy, you need to flush out the waste and plaque in your stomach once every six months. Garlic helps to get rid of without side effects faster than pills.

Controlling diabetes

People who are not under the control of taking diabetes pills will increase their insulin secretion in the body if they just eat garlic in the stomach and diabetes will come under control.

Purifies the blood

When toxins enter the bloodstream, the health of the body deteriorates. When such people add garlic to their diet, the toxins in the blood are expelled and the unwanted fat in the body is dissolved and excreted through the urine.

Garlic also corrects digestive disorders. Controls blood pressure. Inhibits the growth of fungi such as Aspergillus and Candida. Provides immunity. Garlic inhibits the growth of microorganisms and also acts as an inhibitor of skin diseases.