Clove is a medicinal herb. It is used as a medicine and as a spice in cooking. This is a plant that originated in Indonesia. Although it is mostly cultivated in Indonesia, it is widely cultivated in India and Sri Lanka. Clove is also known by many names such as Ilavangam, Ansugam, Urkadam, Karuvaikkrampu, Sosam, Thirali, Varangam.

The use of cloves

Clove is an important ingredient in cooking, seasoning for curries, and in the preparation of curry spices. Clove is also used in perfumes and soaps.

Nutrients contained in cloves

Cloves contain carbohydrates, moisture, protein, volatile oil, fat, fiber, mineral, hydrochloric acid ash, calcium, phosphorus, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C and A.

Cramp contains 70 to 90 percent of the chemical eugenol. Cramps also contain other oils such as acetyl eugenol, vanillin, tannins, and flavonoids. This is why it is also used as an anesthetic in dental treatments. Clove can cure coughs, fevers, and colds as well.

Clove oil

Clove oil is extracted from the bud, leaf, and stem of the clove. Clove is one of the main ingredients in our daily toothpaste. The agility in it is refreshing to the mouth.

Medicinal uses of cloves

The best solution for oral problems

People with bad breath and toothache can take cloves. Its aroma is used in toothpaste to get rid of bad breath. The ‘eugenol’ in it cures edema effects caused by inflammation. It acts as an excellent pain reliever.

Solving sexual problems

Men can apply clove oil on their genitals to prevent premature ejaculation. Clove oil is also a good remedy for erectile dysfunction. It is also good to avoid overuse.

The digestive problem will be solved

Clove helps to secrete the right amount of enzymes in the digestive organs. Thus eliminating digestive disorders.

Vomiting is controlled

Make cloves like powder and take along with 1 tablespoon of honey to stop vomiting. The chemical in cloves tightens some organs in the stomach and prevents vomiting.

The headache is cured

Clove is used to treat headaches in ancient medicine such as Unani. Applying clove oil on the scalp and drinking cloves with milk and salt is the best remedy for headaches. Grind cloves and salt with cow's milk and apply the paste on the scalp to cure headaches. Salt absorbs water from the scalp to reduce headaches and provide relief.

Stomach problems will be solved

Clove helps in correcting stomach problems such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, flatulence, abdominal pain, constipation, and keeping the stomach and intestines healthy. Increases the body's immune system and increases the number of white blood cells.

Preventing cancer

Studies show that cloves help prevent cancer by stopping the growth of free radicals in our bodies.

Fights germs

Clove and its oil can fight bacteria and germs. Clove can expel bacteria in the stomach and teeth.

Improves blood flow

Clove helps to make the body fat, helps the body's metabolism, balances the body heat, and regulates blood flow.

Cholera is cured

Cholera may be simply and successfully treated by cloves boiled water. 

Throat problems will be solved

Eating cloves with cooking salt will cure throat irritation, sore throat, and solve throat problems. To avoid irritation caused by throat congestion, the best solution is to eat fried cloves.

Respiratory problems will be solved

Take three drops of clove oil with honey and garlic juice and eat it before going to bed to cure bronchitis caused by asthma.

People who eat a lot of food and drink alcohol, take a clove and put it in their mouth, and chew it. Clove also cures vomiting, digestive problems, and diarrhea.