I am from the village. In our house, there was Grinding stone and rice crushing stone. So, I can explain briefly about this title.

Until 1975 there was no electric mixer or grinder. If you want a mixer grinder, you will get delivery after 4 to 5 months from ordering! That's the fact in India. But, at that time already mixer grinder widely used in European countries.

The average life expectancy of Indian women up to 1980 was 53.81. Today it is over 70. Half of the women had multiple physical problems. Problems such as various hernias, osteoporosis, and migraines are common. The reason for all this is the food shortages of socialist society and unnecessary manual grinding in daily life.

Pulling water from the well every day without nutritious food, lifting heavy water pots, grinding in stone is sure to make the body unhealthy.

All this is incomprehensible to those who sit and eat. Women destroyed their life for others to eat. Mixer grinders made cooking work easy.

However, there is no substitute for home-ground spices, seasonings, and rasam powder! 

Just instantly ground coconut chutney and the chicken gravy taste made with the stone-ground spice still dancing on the tongue.

Now the dishes made by grinding chutney and spices in the mixer grinder are not only losing their taste but also spoiling quickly.

Whatever our ancestors did, it had a meaning. It was full of science and knowledge.

The Stone grinder was able to grind ingredients without even slight heat. The scratches made on the stone grinder, grind the ingredient nicely. 

When grinding in a mixer grinder, heat will be produced from the blades and their motor. Grinding time in Stone Grinder is 15 minutes while grinding in mixer grinder is 1 minute.  Hence, the dish aroma is flawless in taste and firmness.

The Wet Grinder is a marvelous scientific invention that moms will never forget.