Nutmeg is a rare and seed type spice. Nutmeg Highly is spicy and astringent taste. Its benefits are numerous in daily life. If we used this properly, we can get a lot of advantages. Nutmeg is called ‘Jadhikkai’ in Tamil. The oil is extracted from nutmeg.

It is also used in food, especially in spices. It is traditionally used in medicine, especially in ayurvedic medicine.

The nutmeg fruit, used for making pickles. Nutmeg is the seed inside. The thin skin-like area that surrounds the seed between the fruit and the seed is called maize. The seed and the maize are having aroma and medicinal benefits.

Medicinal uses of nutmeg

1. There are various herbs to avoid pre-ejaculation, the most important of which is nutmeg. People with marital problems can get rid of the issues by consuming nutmeg regularly.

2. Nutmeg causes a chemical change in the body and stimulates sexual desire. Nutmeg can be pickled or eaten raw.

3. If you grind nutmeg with sandalwood and apply it on pimples and scars on the face, it will disappear quickly. The face will glow. Grind nutmeg and make it into a paste and apply it on the skin to get rid of eczema and skin disorders.

4. Roast nutmeg in ghee on low heat and powder it. If you take 5 grams of the powder with raw milk in the morning and evening, the impotence and the nerve disorders will go away. Thickens diluted sperm. Increasing the production of healthy sperms.

5. Take an equal amount of nutmeg and dry ginger and grind it with a double amount of cumin and eat it before meals to get rid of flatulence and indigestion. In addition, nutmeg powder is an excellent remedy for all stomach issues caused by viruses and bacteria.

6. Nutmeg Stimulates the nervous system, helps to cure mental illness, stimulates the mind, enhances memory, and relieves anxiety.

7. Studies show that nutmeg works well in reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood and preventing leukemia in white blood cells.

8. If you powder nutmeg, cumin, and dry ginger powder and take it before meals, the blisters caused by pox on the body will heal quickly.

9. Nutmeg is a spice similar to cloves. It also corrects dental problems, such as Alzheimer's, and improves memory.

10. Nutmeg is also an excellent remedy for appetite issues and trigger hungry. Nutmeg is found in a lot of herbal shops.