Moong Dhal

It is a legume plant. It is also known as green lentils. In English, it is called ‘Moong Dhal’. This lentil has been produced in India since ancient times.

Moong Dhal is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals such as calcium, iron, and potassium. Also helps to reduce body weight. Due to the high protein and fiber in it, it lowers the level of cholesterol in the body.

It contains 24% protein. Contains 63% carbohydrates. It is high in calcium and phosphorus. Moong Dhal is good food for pregnant women during pregnancy. Thus the food going to the unborn baby will be nutritious.

Moong Dhal is cultivated in two ways. Harvesting from wetland is one type. Rain and snow are the main sources of water. Another type of yield is on rest days after paddy is harvested. Borewell and well water is the source.  This lentil is sweet and nutritious with astringency. Tastes good. Stimulates appetite and is easily digested. Feces in the blood are excreted without staying too much. Therefore, it can cure blood clots. This will help the urine to increase and excrete as needed. It protects the body evenly without increasing bile.

Benefits of Moong Dhal

1. Eating sprouted dhal will increase the number of white blood cells in the body.

2. If you grind Moong Dhal and rub it on your body, your skin will get the glow. Rubbing on the scalp will resolve dandruff issues.

3. Eating moong along with greens will cool the body. Thus regulating body temperature. Thus hemorrhoids are cured.

4. Eating moong dhal gravy cooked with tamarind tree young leaves will strengthen the body.

5. Constipation and bile can be cured by eating Pongal made of Moong dhal.

6. Obesity can be controlled by adding it to the diet. In addition, these lentils increase immunity and reduce the risk of disease.

7. Boiling Moong Dhal well and adding ghee to it will increase the memory and immunity of children and keep them active.

8. Moong Dhal is an excellent food for people with iron deficiency. Adding this to the diet daily will not cause anemia.

9. It is good food for calcium deficiency. People with osteoporosis can be cured easily by taking this lentil with food.

10. Boil the green gram and add mustard, small onion, tamarind, and salt and use it together to make a side dish for chappathi. It is very nutritious.

11. Mothers can be given boiled Moong dhal during pregnancy. Easily digested. The nutrients go directly to the fetus. It is an excellent nutritional food for children and adolescents.

12.Mix moong dhal along with black nightshade and make the puree, Eating this mix will reduce summer heat. It is an excellent remedy for ailments, especially of the anus.

13. Instead of soap while bathing, rub Moong dhal flour on the skin to beautify it. Rubbing it on the scalp like an Acacia concinna removes dandruff.