Neem oil is rich in medicinal uses. Some of them are: -

For the elderly, knee pain and foot ulcers can be reduced by massaging with neem oil twice a day to reduce pain and swelling.

Hookworms, which often form in our gut, sometimes go down at night and cause severe unbearable itching in the rectum. Small children often scratch their hands there. For immediate removal, take cotton dipped with neem oil and apply it on the itchy area to remove the itch immediately. The next day you can take the pill as a solution.

Take one tablespoon of neem oil daily for three consecutive days to get rid of intestinal worms naturally.

White moths on hibiscus, roses, and many other plants can sometimes spread and destroy the plant itself. Add 10 ml neem oil with 500 ml of water and spray on a plant to remove it naturally. If there are a large number of pests, you can spray again like this after seven days.

This oil is added to some types of soaps, hair shampoos, and face creams.

To get rid of dandruff and lice on the scalp, apply coconut oil in a ratio of 1:10 with neem oil and rub it on the scalp. (But some people may not like the smell of this oil!)

Apply two drops of neem oil on the dark spots on the face and the blackheads will disappear quickly.

In Ayurvedic medicine, urinary problems are treated with medicine with neem oil.

In the villages, neem oil was rubbed on the fingers from time to time to stop the practice of finger-licking of small children. Due to its bitter taste, baby finger licking will soon disappear.

Applying neem oil on chronic non-healing sores will heal quickly.

It used as medicine for cart bulls to heal wounds on the neck and to treat sores for dogs and cats.

90% of Neem oil used for making soaps. Also used for medicinal products. It is an organic agricultural pesticide.

Neem oil is used to make medicines for stomach upset and gastrointestinal upset. Neem oil is used to light lamps and to make soap for the skin.

Neem oil is an antiseptic. Used to control certain types of pests in crops. Used for a lot of medicine, it can be rubbed into the body during body pain and used to kill germs