The almond tree is also called as Vadhumai tree. Almonds are also called Vadhumai Nuts. These nuts are delicious. Almond trees are native to the Middle East. These grow in tropical countries of Asia.

Nutrients in Almonds

Almonds are a healthy food that makes the body thrive. Almonds are high in vitamins and minerals. Almonds are good for blood HDL. Good cholesterol is high and low in harmful cholesterol. Scientists say that the fiber and antioxidants found in almonds have the potential to prevent cancer.

Almonds contain phosphorus, and mineral salts, and glutamic acid. So to enhance memory and strengthen the nerves, soak almonds in water every night and peel them in the morning and eat.

Almonds are high in calcium. In addition, almonds contain the anti-cancer vitamin B17. Thus, almonds play an important role in relieving constipation, respiratory problems, coughs, heart problems, diabetes, skin problems, hair-related problems, psoriasis, dental care, anemia, impotence, and gallstones.

Medicinal properties of almonds

Improves heart health

Almonds are rich in flavonoids and vitamin E, which can help control heart disease. 100 grams of almonds contain 58 percent fat. Still, it is good fats. For people with heart disease, if they take almonds 5 days a week, their risk of heart attack can be reduced by 50 percent. This is because of the good fat content of almonds.

Weight loss

For those who think they can't lose weight no matter how hard they try, taking at least 5 almonds 2 times a week can help with 31 percent of weight loss.

Promotes brain development
Almonds contain vitamin B, riboflavin, and the amino acid L-carnitine, which boosts brain activity, and almonds greatly help in the movement of the nerves and intelligence.

memory loss

Alzheimer's disease formerly happens for old people, now known as Alzheimer's disease, does not leave young people also. Almonds play an important role in preventing this Alzheimer's. Almonds should be eaten so that the children who are studying, do not forget the lessons learned. The brains of children who eat enough almonds are always active.

Protecting the heart

People who eat high-fat diets are more likely to develop heart disease. Almonds do not contain any bad fats that are harmful to the body. So people who eat a lot of almonds are less likely to get heart disease.

Constipation is caused by eating a lot of unhealthy foods and foods that are low in fiber. Almonds are high in digestive chemicals. People who eat a lot of almonds will get rid of all the intestinal problems.

Protecting the skin

If you massage the skin daily at night with almond oil, the amount of blood flow in the body will increase and the skin will be healthy and radiant.
By eating such a special almond we can keep our body healthy and protect ourselves from problems in our body.