Your weight may increase when you eat carbohydrates that are generally free of fats. You will lose weight when you eat fats that exclude carbohydrates. The way one's hormones work normally has different results. If you want to lose weight without interfering with your health, it is best to seek the help of a nutritionist. Weight has a lot to do with your metabolic rate. Unnecessary intervention can trigger diabetes and heart diseases.

Here are some of the tips to gain weight if you really need to gain some weight quickly.

Eat fatty foods from time to time. 

Exercises should be eliminated altogether. 

Eat lots of fatty foods like ice cream, butter, meat.

These foods accumulate fat in your heart, veins, and blood vessels and increase your body weight.

Weight gain will be due to fatigue and constant tiredness. Note that, there is a chance of getting diseases and health issues as well.

Taste is a beautiful word. Foods high in fat, foods high in carbohydrates, and sweets can increase obesity. Here are some foods:

Sweet varieties
Chicken with skin.
Goat/cow brain
Egg yolk
Pork meat

My favorite foods are for gaining weight are.


Ice cream



Deep-fried snacks

Soaked water rice and yogurt mango pickle

Sweet varieties





Fried Peanut

Tuber varieties

There are more dishes. As we eat more of this, the fat in our body increases, and gain weight. As we get age, more difficulty occurs. So, let's eat as per need and live well!