We have all noticed this when buying apple fruit. There will be a sticker on it. Why is there a sticker on apples?  It is very important to know the answer to this.

If we start talking about fruits, the first fruit we will think about is apple, orange. So we should know the reason behind the sticker.

PLU code (price lookup number) - With this, we can know whether the apple we eat is natural, genetically modified, or produced in chemical fertilizers.

How to know:

1. If there are 4 numbers in the PLU code - the whole chemical fertilizer is mixed.

2. If the PLU code starts from 5 digits and it is starting from "8" then it is genetically modified.

3. It is completely natural if the PLU code starts with "9" and having 5 digits.

Look at the number on the sticker when buying. That sticker is also dangerous. Take away and eat.

More information on this for you

The PLU coding system is used worldwide. So a code can be used in any developing region unless specified.

This organization is voluntary; No governing body was forced.

Labeling products with PLU codes are generally required by the retail industry to help identify point-of-sale (POS).

Some items will be marked with PLU codes, while others will not; E.g., small items such as green beans and mushrooms. 

The codes are not intended to convey information to consumers. They are simply trading tools for precise pricing rings in the cash register, inventory control, and type management.