Chirongi Nuts ( Charoli/ Saara Paruppu)

Chirongi nuts are cultivated all over India. The shell is hard and the lentils inside are soft. Legumes are slightly flattened in size and taste like almonds. Although these can be eaten raw, they are often fried as they often enhance the taste of the food. These lentils are added to desserts like halwa, Payasam, Mysore Pak, etc.

Nutrients in Charoli

Charoli is high in protein, fat, calcium, fiber, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, and vitamin-B complex. It is moderate in flour and low in oxalic acid. Also contains many essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, and B2.

Health benefits of Chirongi Nuts

Protecting the skin
The essence is extracted and used to make a face pack mixed with milk, which gives the skin a glow. And it is good for the skin and hair. They are also effective for many genital and urinary problems, such as cleft palate.

Cooling the body
These lentils are cool in nature. These lentils naturally reduce body heat and keep the body cool. In Ayurvedic medicine, lentils are often added to products to treat skin itching and acne.

Improving skin health

The oil extracted from the charoli keeps the skin moisturized and helps to remove dark spots and blemishes. Scrubs are made by adding these lentils flour, yogurt, honey, and lemon, or rose water and Fuller's earth(Multani Matti). These scrubs protect the skin from infections and prevent acne.

Improves digestion

Saara lentils help regulate bowel movements. This prevents constipation. Cures diarrhea. Prevents stomach problems.

Stimulates sexual arousal
Charoli is considered an excellent aphrodisiac and improves the health of the reproductive organs. Improves dosage in sperm and sex.

Reduce bodyweight

Charoli is low in calories but high in protein and fiber. This will prevent you from getting hungry too often. Thus the idea of ​​having to eat often does not appear.

Increasing milk secretion
Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those who are overweight can consume 10 to 15 grams of lentils daily. People who are overweight and obese should avoid eating often.