This is the magic of nature. A farmer in Telangana produces magic rice and sees a good harvest. The characteristic of this rice is that it does not need to be prepared like other rice. Soaking in hot water is enough to make the rice ready.

It is also a mountain paddy that is found in the forests of the state of Assam called Boca Saul. This rice was used by the Ahoms who lived in the 12th century who ruled the northeastern states of Assam and India.

The rice also has a geographical code. This rice is cultivated by a farmer in the state of Telangana.

Srikanth cultivates this paddy on a small scale on 0.05 acres of his land in Telangana. Its harvest period is about 145 days. He expects it to yield 5 sacks by cultivating in this small space. Srikanth says he has been trying for a year and a half to find such a special type of paddy.