Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Licorice, its botanical name is Glycyrrhiza glabra. Help to cure diseases of the stomach, neck, head, and nerves, atrial fibrillation, gas trouble. The venom of rats, snakes are eliminated. The plant grows to a height of one and a half feet and grows naturally in the hills. The roots are branched. Small purple flowers are found at the nodes of the stem. Pods up to 3 cm long, with small spines. These are small and large with yellow on the inside and dark brown on the outside. The roots are widely used in medicine. Moreover, these are massively exported. Licorice is commercially cultivated in states like Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. Licorice also has alternative names such as Adingam, Ashti, Madhugam, and Double Licorice. It is available in dried form at Ayurvedha drugstores.
Licorice also grows as a dense weed in paddy fields in countries such as Spain and Italy. The leaves are sweet and warm. The roots are cool. Cures sore throat, thirst, cough, and headaches. Controls epilepsy, nosebleeds, shingles, and migraines. Licorice also has the property of growing hair and enhancing masculinity. Licorice is an international medicinal herb. All the medicinal properties of licorice are used in all medical systems of the world. Licorice can cure many diseases if used in a very simple way. It is powerful antivirals that are harmful to humans. This fact has been revealed by modern research.

To help conceive
Licorice and thyme are both equally powdered and taken 50-100 gms each mixed with milk, and drink for five days from the onset of menstruation, help to conceive. Expect good results if it is eaten during pregnancy for the first 2 to 3 months.
Mixing one gram of licorice extract with milk and add a little sweetener and drinking daily, will secrete more breast milk. This will give the baby extra nutrition.
Stone block
It is used as a nutrient and to stop bleeding, relieve congestion, heal bladder ulcers, and remove stones.
Licorice, Terminalia chebula, and pepper are taken in equal weights and fried in a pan, and make powder, having this little powder in 5 g of honey will cure cough caused by overheating.
To remove white hair
Finely grind licorice and mix it with cow's milk and rub it on the scalp to prevent white hair. There will be no hair loss. 

For digestion and constipation
The gluten and resin in licorice act on the digestive tract and help digest food. Works unparalleled in eliminating constipation

To prevent preterm labor
Take an equal amount of Licorice and cumin and make it to powder. Take 20 g powder and boil in 200 ml of water and bring it to 100 ml, then filter and drink in the morning for three days, pregnant women can relieve from premature birth.

To get rid of jaundice
Licorice, Sangam rhizome taken in equal proportions, ground in lemon juice, make it to smaller tablets, dried and eaten for three days with cow's milk, cure jaundice. There should not be tamarind in the diet during medication. 

For a delivery
Take 35g each of Licorice, dhavadharam powder, then grind well in hot water and give twice with the onset of labor pains, childbirth will occur smoothly.

Sore Throat & Cough
Prepare licorice extract and dip it in 1_2 g of honey and eat it three times a day to cure sore throat, cough, and runny nose. Those who eat this will get rid of male impotence. Physical strength and health will be improved.
Female infertility
Remedy for uterine-related diseases in women. Eliminate infertility in healthy women.
Licorice, rose hips, and anise can be taken in equal proportions and mix 4_6 grams with milk and drink at night to remove constipation.
Warm-up and be active
Fennel seeds, licorice extract at the rate of 5 grams each, and eat at night and drink hot water at bedtime, it will remove constipation easily. The internal organs become warmer and keep the body active.
Its well-dried stem has medicinal value. 
Useful for Remove Mucus, heat removal.
1. Dip 1 or 2 grams of licorice powder in honey and eat it to cure dryness in the chest, liver, stomach, and throat. Cough, by the way, sore throat, nervousness will be resolved.
2. Mix licorice powder and sandalwood powder evenly and give 1 gram in milk to stop blood vomiting. The ulcer of the internal organs heals.
3. Give an equal amount of Licorice, cloves, Chithirathai will cure chest mucus.
To stop blood vomit
Take half a gram of Licorice extract and unadulterated sandalwood extract mixed with milk and eat 3_4 times a day. It will stop blood vomit and strengthen organs

Mothers can take 1tsp of Licorice powder daily with milk and slight sugar to secrete more breast milk. This will give the baby extra nutrition.

Dry cough
Licorice, almond resin, neem resin should be collected in equal proportions of 10 g each, and 250 g of sugar should be boiled with a little water until viscous. When it comes to honey consistency mix the mentioned ingredients and mix them well. Eat two teaspoons three times a day to cure dry cough. Cough with cowardice will be resolved. Sore throats will heal quickly.
Chest Mucus
Collect ten grams each of licorice, long pepper, and galangal and take 10 leaves each of Bristly bryony, Malabar-nut and boil all together with 200ml of water until it reduces to 50ml.  Take this water morning and night daily will expel chest mucus. The cough will stop. It is the best relief for asthma patients. The medicine prepared in this way can be taken by everyone from children to adults to get rid of colds.


Take 5 gms of licorice, cubeb, Alpinia officinarum, and long pepper, grind them thinly, and put them in 250 ml of boiling water, cover them for 30 minutes, filter the water and take 30 ml in the morning and evening to cure cough.

Sperm Increment
If licorice powder is mixed well with milk and drinking with a little honey, sperm count will increase. This is the best herb to revitalize teenagers who have lost the power.

Remove baldness and grow hair
Finely grind the licorice with buffalo milk and rub it on the scalp. It is used to remove dandruff and the scalp. Hair will start growing from bald areas
Remove headaches
Take 35 grams of licorice, fennel seeds, and sugar, grind them separately, then add them together and mix them in honey and eat to get rid of body heat. If you continue to eat this, you will get rid of the annoying headaches, chronic headaches, and migraines. Licorice, mustard, dandelion, and gooseberry can be taken in equal weight and extracted and dipped in half a teaspoon of honey to cure migraine headaches. Dipping the same extract in ghee will cure the headache caused by high heat.

To remove sore throat
If you hold a piece of licorice in your mouth, your mouth will secrete saliva. If you swallow this saliva, the sore throat will go away. The earlobe will disappear ... the mucus in the throat will dissolve.

To control asthma

Generally, one teaspoon of licorice extract daily can help control asthma. There will be no cold or cough. Throat problems will also go away.