Kidney beans

‘Red Beans’ is called ‘Rajma’ in Hindi. This is called Red Kidney Beans in English. This Rajma is also known as Red Karamani. 

When we are in our teens, the nutrients naturally present in our body that needs. But if we want our body to be full of nutrients even in old age, we have to eat this Rajma regularly.

Nutrients contained in Rajma

In Rajma with a volume of 100 g contains below nutritions.
Protein - 22.9 g
Fat - 1.3 g
Minerals - 3.2 g
Fiber - 4.8 g
Flour - 60.6 g
Carbohydrate - 346 kcal
Calcium - 260 mg
Phosphorus - 410 mg.
Iron - 5.1 mg
It is noteworthy that it contains no sodium or potassium. People with kidney disease can generously include it in their diet. It contains all kinds of essential amino acids.

It is suitable for both adults and children as it contains a significant amount of calcium and iron. Osteoporosis, which occurs after aging, can be prevented by taking this rajma in a diet often.

Rajma Health Benefits

Increasing the energy of the body
The iron in Rajma always keeps us active. Those who feel mentally tired will get good benefits by eating this Rajma.

Controls Diabetes
These beans can be used frequently to prevent anemia. The fiber in it can help prevent constipation, lower cholesterol, and can be added to the diet frequently by people with diabetes and heart disease.

Improves heart health

Eating Rajma will reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in our body. This can protect our hearts from damage. The soluble fiber in it affects the colon and dissolves the bad fats in the body.

Increasing the efficiency of the brain
Vitamin K is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system of the brain. Rajma is rich in Vitamin K. Regular consumption of Rajma will increase the activity of the brain and increase memory.

The skin is glowing
Rajma is high in Vitamin B6. It helps in the growth of tissues in our body. When we eat this, our skin becomes healthy and glowing. Thus not causing the appearance of aging.

Food suitable for pregnant women
Rajma is eaten by pregnant women to get all the nutrients like protein, iron, fiber, and anti-oxidant. It also provides folic acid, which is essential for the developing baby in the womb.

Reducing the impact of cancer

People with early-stage cancer can prevent cancer cells from multiplying in their body if they continue to eat this Rajma. It is high in magnesium. This magnesium nutrient acts as an antioxidant and protects the cells in our body.

Helps to reduce body weight

The high amount of fiber contained in Rajma helps in maintaining balanced body weight. Fiber controls the feeling of hunger. This will reduce the amount of food we eat. Thus those who want to lose weight can continue to eat this lentil.