In today's restaurants, people say 'Shawarma', what kind of food is that? Also, what was it made of?

If you come to the party and like tender, well-processed meat, you should opt for shawarma. Be it delicious lunch, delicious dinner, or supper.

This popular dish comes in a variety of styles, from Greek gyro to Turkish doner kebab and Armenian tarna, which no one can compare to classic Lebanese wrap. I am writing this world-famous dish here with good taste; What is shawarma, where did it come from and why has it become so popular.

In the Turkish city of Bursa, it is believed that Efendi created the first shawarma in 1870, a work he called kabab. Kebabs quickly became popular throughout Turkey, and long ago this delicious dish spread throughout the cultural cuisine of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and beyond, and over time it grew into shawarma.

Today you can find shawarma everywhere from Lebanon and the UK to Egypt and Australia, with each culture boasting its own style and taste.

The shawarma is prepared by simmering the meat gently on a wire rack vertically for several hours. The raw food is lamb, beef, or chicken to goat, turkey, or any of these. Once the meat is fried, it is cut into thin, wide strips and placed around a loaf of various vegetables and greens such as spinach, cucumber, tomato, onion, and coriander.

In some places, it can range from garlic yogurt to hummus to chili and pickled mango sauce, and the type of bread used varies depending on where you use, the most popular being the Turkish shawarma. sesame paste called tahini paste added to this Shawarma.