Let's go on a food tour in India !!!!

1. Jammu and Kashmir:

Kashmir breakfast consists of baked bread from a local bakery. It is usually served with butter, salt, and eggs.

Nun Chai / Sheer chai is made from black tea, milk, salt, and bicarbonate of soda.

2. Himachal Pradesh

1. Papru - This is the Himachal version of North Indian Kachoris fried and stuffed with black lentils. It is made with wheat flour, which is usually served with tamarind chutney perfect breakfast.

2. Katta - Sour black pea curry

3. Sanna Metra - Pea and yogurt-based curry

4. Pahari Aloo Balta - This is a cooked thick curd gravy. It is cooked with potato slices and seasoned with cardamom and cinnamon.

5. Saga

6. Poppy seeds halwa

7. Meetha Path - Rice dessert with a sweet taste

3. the State of Punjab

1. Aloo Bharata with Yogurt and Pickles - Indian bread filled with potatoes

2. Puri with Aloo Masala - Indian Puri bread fried in oil made with whole wheat atta.

3. Chole bhatura - Indian puri/bread fried in oil made with atta and maida flour. It will be served with Peas Curry.

4. Mango Lassi - Yogurt with mango puree and sugar

4. Uttarakhand

1. Puri with Aloo Ke Gudke Puri (Cucumber and Yogurt Product)

2. Mandua Ki Roti - A simple chapati made by kneading ragi dough with onion, carrot, green chili paste, yogurt, salt, and water.

5. Haryana

1. Tal Ke Bharata - Moong Tal Bharata / Sanna Tal Bharata - It is a lentil stuffed Bharata

2. Khair Sangri Ki Sabzi - Dried desert bean cooked sabzi

3. Hara Tania Solia- Coriander Peas Green Curry

4. Bajjra Aloo Roti - A delicious roti of baked potatoes with millet flour spice.

5. Kachchi Lassi - A popular drink made from Rooh Afsa milk and some crushed pistachios and ice cubes

6. Rajasthan

1. Piazza Kachori - This is a fried pastry filled with onions

2. Bajra Bread with Lahsoon Chutney - Pearl Millet Bread with Spicy Chutney

3. Moong Dal pakora - (vadas or pajjis / pajji) This spicy snack is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

4. Medi Bajra Puri with Aloo Sabzi - It is made with Puri Bajra flour and fresh methi (dill leaves)

7.Uttar Pradesh

The main food in UP. Sabzi, lentils, and rotis with mango pickle

1. Kachori Sabzi -

2. Shahi paneer and bread

3. Pulses Dough Imardi

4. Peda-dessert made from milk

5. Cashew Cutli - A cashew dessert

8. Bihar

1. Dahi Sura - Bihar's famous breakfast 'Dahi Sura' is served with yogurt. Poha is soaked in water and mixed with yogurt and fruit.

2. Channa Kugni - A perfect breakfast with hot Bharatha made with black chic peas or gala Chana - served. Tusca Tusca is a cake - a cake made with rice and lentils served with it.

3. Kachori Jilabi Food- This is the most common and preferred dish by the Bihari people, hot jalapi with Kachori - popularly known as ‘Bihari Nasta’

4. Bharata Pujia - This is a common breakfast and the nutritious Bharatas are served with Aloo Pujia. Nutritional Parathas - Sattu Parathas are made with nutritious flour mixed with pulses and grains. Aloo Fujiya is made from shredded potato slices and cooked into sabzi with turmeric, cumin, and green chilies

5. Dal Pita - It is a sweet and savory filling made of rice flour.

6. Thekua

This breakfast is crisp, crunchy, and sweet. It is made with flour, desi ghee, sugar, and nuts

9. Gujarat

1. Masala puri served with yogurt and sunda (pickles)

2. Hot Fafta, Raw Papaya Sambaro, and Jalebi served with besan chutneys is a popular breakfast

3. Tokla - Fluffy tasty cakes made by steam. Toklas is usually made with yogurt mixed with besan flour and fermented with the addition of spices. It is served with baked mustard and chili in a nice cake.

4. Kakra - These are flat spicy thin bread that is made from a wide variety, usually mixed with methi leaves, which give it a unique taste. Different types of flour like bajra, whole flour, spicy Kakra are made for different tastes.

5. Bakri Neyyu Sai-Bakri is flat and leavened bread. Special tilt. The good aroma of ginger and cardamom with ghee, jaggery, or coconut sugar adds a whole real chai feel.

6. Tepla - The best Teplas are made with soft Indian bread, a mixture of methi leaves.

10. Madhya Pradesh

1. Bhutte Ka Kees - Corn is cooked in milk with spices, which loved by vegetarians.

2. Poha - This is a simple but tasty and healthy breakfast made with flat rice soaked for a while with mustard, cumin, and chili. Combine onion and turmeric. Satisfactory meal for breakfast

3. Papat Ka Sabzi - Crush a crunchy snack and mix it with yogurt with a few spices to make a delicious meal.

4. Sapuntana Kichidi - These are cassava pearls, soaked in water with mustard, cumin, chili, and onion to make the soft sabundana.

5. Tal Bafia - These are similar to Dal paphia, the difference being that these wheat ghee flour balls are first steamed and then charred. It should be crushed into pieces, soaked in ghee, and mixed with lentils

6. Palak Puri - Palak pulp is mixed while making the dough. Fried puri in oil is a treat for eyes and health

7. Malpua - It is a dessert made by frying in oil and dipping in sugar syrup

8. Costa Kachoris - These are the most popular Kachoris. Fill with a spicy lentil mixture made from whole wheat and ghee and serve roasted.

12. Assam

1. Rice is the staple food of Assam. You will find rice in all dishes. A traditional breakfast consists of cilantro with yogurt and jam. Buttermilk water with salt, mustard oil, and onion - Farmers eat cooked rice.

2. Chowmein - Indo-Chinese dish. Soft hand-made noodles are steamed and crispy with veggies, minced meat, and seafood

3. Pita- This is a popular dessert. This can be made sweet or savory. These Pitha can be steamed, fried, or cooked, but their completeness requires precise methods.

4. Aloo Pitika - This is a simple dish with rice and lentils. It is mashed potato with mustard oil, onion, coriander, and salt.

13.Himachal Pradesh

1. Papru: - This is the famous Himachal version of North Indian Kachori, which is black gram stuffed deep-fried snacks.

2. Channa Metra - This is a popular chickpea curry with yogurt. It is slowly cooked with spices, which makes this dish unavoidable.

3. Kahat Ka Shorba - Kahat is a soup made with this grain with very healthy lentils and garlic and coriander flavors.

4. Aloo Balta - This is a very fast cooking dish. Potatoes are cooked in creamy yogurt gravy.

5. Kulkule - Moong tal pakoras or bajji

6. Sithu - It is made from wheat flour, which goes well with local food, mutton, or vegetables. Preparation is difficult and time-consuming, but you will forget everything when you taste it. Set aside the kneaded wheat balls with the yeast for 4-5 hours. First, you cook on half direct fire. Then it is steamed

7. Akhtori - A festive meal. It is made from wheat flour and wheat leaves and is cooked in the form of a buck pancake or cake.

8. Tibetan food plays an important role in Himachal cuisine. There are other delicious dishes like Tukpa, Dingmo, Lucchi Bodi, Tenduk, Nisha cakes

14. Nagaland

1. A typical Nagaland breakfast is a meat dish / boiled vegetable dish or a combination of red rice with chutney.

2. Egg Shoap - This is a fried cutlet that contains eggs, potatoes, and some spices, which are rolled into cutlets, coated with bread crumbs, and then deep-fried.

3. Bamboo with Fish or Pork - Fermented bamboo shoots are cooked with fish or bacon.

4. Hingejw - A simple dish made from cologne and shredded cabbage leaves, mustard leaves, and some fresh beans. These ingredients are boiled in water and the real taste comes from assorted greens. It becomes a staple food for every Naga land people.

5. Calho - is a soup mix of rice and meat. It's like a tick. But the liquid consistency is a little high. This dish contains an assortment of seasonal greens and is flavored with smoked pork or bacon fats. Ginger is a simple garnish for garlic if it is vegetarian.

6. Judo - Judo is a popular rice beer in Nagaland. The same technique used for pickles and beverages is followed to make this rice beer


1. A typical Manipur breakfast is a bread called tan. It starts with black tea (Sangkong),) which is made with rice flour, potato curry made with salt, and mustard oil called Demi Tan.

2. Chamdong / Kangshoi - Manipur Vegetable Sambar. It is a seasonal vegetable stew with chopped onion, cloves, salted garlic, maroi, and a bit of ginger. This sambar is served hot with rice or fish

3. Iromba - This is a delightful mix of vegetables and fish.

4. Paknam - This is a delicious cake made from besan flour, herbs, and vegetables and is delicious with chili and traditional ngari. It is wrapped in banana leaf and steamed.

5. Chuck - Haw Keer - The most popular dessert of Manipur. It is purple in color and is made from rice, milk, and cardamom powder, and is garnished with dried fruits like grapes and other nuts. It will be very tasty.

6. Aloo Commet - This is a very simple dish that is usually eaten as a side dish. Potatoes are cooked and mashed. It is mixed with fried red chili, salt, and mustard oil.

16. Mizoram

1. Boy - Mizoram's staple food is rice. Bai is a good vegetarian dish made with fermented bacon, green chilies, and mixed vegetables cooked with baking soda. It is usually made with mustard leaves, eggplant, potatoes, and cabbage without spices and salt.

2. Cote Pita - is a fried bajji made using rice flour, jaggery, and bananas. It is a delicious dessert enjoyed by the people of Mizoram. They are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, giving them a mouth-watering taste. Some people add fish to this frying pan, which is considered a staple food.

3. Bamboo Shoot Fry: - It tastes great with bamboo, herbs fried. Sometimes it is fried with shiitake mushrooms and other vegetables are also added.

4. Punch Boron Torgari

It is one of the most popular dishes of Mizoram and can be prepared both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. In the vegetarian version, vegetables such as pumpkin and potatoes are used to make dry food. Chicken is added if the non-vegetarian version

5. Zoo- This is a popular Mizoram tea, they drink tea with every meal. It is a form of tea and will quench the thirst of serious tea lovers.

6. Lapruska Grape Wine - This grape wine is made from fox grapes, the grapes are highly productive and it is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the state and the most popular among the locals.

17. Meghalaya

1. Buddha- These are simple rice cakes served for breakfast. It is made with rice flour, jaggery, and coconut and then baked in a clay pot. It is usually served with do-ghee-ayong (pork with black sea seeds) or do-gem (pork with tender intestine) or dirangboi (fermented soy paste).

2. Another popular breakfast at McLean is Bucklin. It is a sweet bread made with rice flour and jam.

3. Pumaloi is powdered rice that is steamed in a unique pot called Kiv Rane. It balances the heat with the right amount of water over medium heat.

4.Jato - This is a very popular food. It is cooked with red rice and sometimes with chicken or fish.

5. Nakmam Pichi - This is a popular soup served before a meal and served to the guest. Nakhmam is a special type of dried fish that is dried in the sun. Then the fish is fried and boiled in water to make soup. This is a spicy popular soup.

6. Chuck's Story - This is a white rice cake, a sweet treat. The rice is soaked in water overnight and mixed with sugar. Alternate layers of rice mixture are boiled in a special pot over the banana leaves. They are served very hot.

18. Tripura

1. Breakfast Tali - This is rice cooked in lentils. Tomato chutney, eggplant fried, and aloo curry. It also contains Perma, which is oily and dried fermented fish, parts of muya (bamboo shoots) thali.

2. Kosoi Btwi - This is a broth cooked with Perma and green beans, Kosoi (beans).

3. Sire Toy Yes - This simple breakfast porridge is very tasty. Siri flat rice. Be mixed with yogurt and flour

4. Muya - Bake bamboo is a very popular dish that can be cooked in different ways.

5. It is a special Tripura dish and a special type of leaf is used to make this cake. Sometimes banana leaves can also be used. It is basically a rice-based diet.


1. Talipeeth - This is a special flatbread made with roasted cassava pearls (sabuntana) flour with coriander seeds, wheat, rice, and cumin.

2. Kanda Patta Boha - This is a delicious dish made with flat rice (civta) potatoes (patta) and onions (kanda). These are cooked with mustard, cumin, and peanuts. You can garnish this with potatoes.

3. Michel Pav - Pav bread and micel is served with spicy curry and lemon made from beans with spices added with onion garlic, ginger, and chili. Usually, it is served with butter pav.

4. Pav Baji - Paji is made from cooked vegetables such as potatoes, peas, carrots, beans, cauliflower, which are cooked with butter in batter and butter pav (bread)

5. Puran Fake - This is a flatbread-like chapati filled with cooked mashed lentils. Nutmeg and sugar. It is rolled and fried.

20. Chhattisgarh

1. Fara - Fara is momos made in the Indian style and the main ingredient is rice. The rice dough is steamed with minimal spices.

2. Muthiah - Traditionally made with various spices. Is steamed. This is a popular breakfast.

3. Sheela - This is a dosa made from a mixture of rice and lentils. It is a nice crispy hot dish served with green chutney.

4. Para - This is a batter made from fermented lentils with various vegetables and spices. It is cooked with minimal oil.

5. Sapuntana Ki Kichidi - This is a healthy dish made by soaking Sapuntana (cassava pearl balls). It is cooked with mustard and chili.

6. Angakjar Bread - This is a popular rice bread

7. Chouse Sla - This is a rice puri

8. Ambat - This is delicious. Cooked with vegetables, it is cooked with ginger garlic paste, and various spices. Traditionally this dish is made in bamboo shoots.

21. Jharkhand -

1.Thuska - It is made from rice and lentils. It is a mixture of black lentils and gram

2. Rukra (pudding or pudka) - a mushroom available in the rainy season. The dish is very tender and these mushrooms grow underground, and only locals can find it.

3. Pita - This is a gluten-free, boiled flavor made from rice flour stuffed with spicy potatoes (aloo ka Sokka) or a variety of nuts (gram, black lentils, lentils / green lentils).

4. Arsa Roti - This is a dessert that is prepared very carefully. It is made from simple ingredients like cane sugar, rice, and mustard oil. It is served with a mango pickle.

5. Litty Sokka - These are reminiscent of tal Patti. People prefer dry roast to fried. It tastes good when soaked in hot desi ghee.

6. Chilka Roti - This is rice flour roti served with ol (yams) ki sabzi or mutton curry. It is made from staple grain rice. Similar to a dosa but rice flour is used instead of ground rice.

7. Bamboo shoot - This is a simple cooked dish baked in soft bamboo with mustard seeds and garlic.

8. Malbua - This dessert is made with meva (dried fruits) and lots of milk. It is deep-fried pancakes and soaked in sugar syrup

22. West Bengal

1. Radha Ballabi - This is a type of puri stuffed with lentils. It is fried in mustard oil and served with potato curry with aloo dum or aloo dharkar which is served with a special mustard sauce with kasundi.

2. Lucchi and Solar Doll-Solar lentils are made with a mixture of bay leaf spice, cinnamon, and cardamom. Some people use roasted coconut on top. Deep-fried Puri Luci made with refined flour and clarified butter is served,

3. Kungni - This is a spicy chickpea broth or peanut flour-based curry that contains onion, spices, and lemon. Some add cooked mutton to the spiced gravy.

4. Koraishudir Kachori - These are regular kachori, which has green pea stuffing. Green peas are boiled and mixed with ginger, green chilies, and spices. It goes well with aloo curry.

5. Mughal Bharata - These are deep-fried egg parathas loaded with mutton or chicken. It is a rectangular paratha folded like an envelope with potato curry.

23. Odisha / Orissa

1. Tahibara and Kunguni - This is a popular breakfast that softens the urad tal vada by soaking it in water for a while and the kunguni is cooked with yellow pea curry curd and aloo dum.

2. Sooda Chandula - Flat rice cooked with boiled vegetables

3. Sooda Katali - This is a very simple and satisfying meal. It basically consists of wet flat rice mashed bananas and sugar. For some variations, kuda (jaggery), mango (optional), poondi, ground coconut, and sometimes milk are added.

4. Suji Uppuma - These are Suji made with Suji along with tomatoes, potatoes, capsicum, carrots, and potatoes.

.5. Para - Kuguni - These are Sambar Vada. Para is a crispy fertilizer tal wada, which is added to kuguni-potatoes and pea curry onions.

24. Andhra and Telangana: -

1. Pesarattu - This is a green gram dosa. Mung lentils with cumin and chili are well pasted and served with chutney. The most popular variant is the MLA pesarattu, where the suji upma is stuffed and served with salt.

2. Sarva Bindi - This is a delicious flatbread made with rice flour, channa lentils, peanuts, and chilies. It is always cooked in a deep circular dish and preserves the authenticity of the recipe. It is customary to make holes in the rolled dough mixture before cooking. It is also known as Jin Dad.

3. Maliladulu - These are healthy desserts made from leftover chapatis. The milling pieces of chapatis are shaped into a small ball mixed with jaggery, cashews, pistachios, and ghee.

4. Rocky Milk Caste Rice - This is a dish made from rice cooked in Morl night.

5. Idli and Dosa - A mixture of fermented ground rice and lentils is called fermented steamed Idli. Dosa is fried for pancakes in the batter. Served with coconut chutney and sambar

26. Karnataka -

1. Mysore Spicy Dosa - Dosa is a special spice filled with potato mixture, which is very popular. Sometimes idli is coated with podi and stuffed with spices.

2. Tomato Dosa - This is similar to other dosas, but an important change is the addition of tomatoes instead of lentils.

3. Boondi Katti or Rice Round - These are made with rice, grind the soaked rice with coconut and cook in a pan to make a soft dough, and then it will boil. It is good when served with sambar and red coconut chutney.

4. Water Dosa - A soft dosa made from rice and coconut

5. Akki Roti - This is rice bread made with rice flour and spices. Simple dish

27. Goa

1. Pav Baji - Pav bread and baji is a curry made from potatoes and other vegetables.

2. Spicy Dosa - These are potato mashed rice chips.

3. Sheera - This is a simple dish made from Rava / suji, where suji is fried with ghee and cooked in water, and finished with sugar. This is a light breakfast.

4. Pal Boha / Potato Fow - Pal Boha is cooked in coconut milk and jam. Potatoes are cooked with flat rice as potatoes.

5. Cone Vathanyachi Baji - These are served with a special curry made from whole wheat flour fried puri and green peas.

28. Kerala

1. Idiyappam - Rice string hoppers served with coconut milk and sugar

2. Appam - Dosa- These are prepared in a special vessel to make

3. Pudding with peanut curry - rice mixed with water and coconut and boiled. It is served with sanna curry

4.Patri - This is thin rice bread. Very tender and tasty.

29. Tamil Nadu

1. Idli Sambar- These are cooked rice cakes served with cooked sambar with vegetables

2. Kal Dosa- These are soft dosas

3. Pongal Medu Vadai - This is a mixture of rice and lentils.

4. Paniyaram- made with idli batter with seasoning.