The main food we eat is harvested three months after the seedling. It is peeled in a mill,  all the nutrients on top of the rice are removed, added a chemical for whitening, another chemical added to avoid spoil. Thus we can avoid hungry by eating tasty food made of this rice. But, will it maintain our health? Is questionable.

The main reason why our ancestors at the age of 60 were young and tirelessly kept their body fit is the diet they followed. Barnyard Millet, Little millet, Kodo millet, Pearl millet, Finger millet(Ragi), and other types of quality food such as hand-picked rice and lived in harmony with nature until the age of 90 years. One of their notable traditional foods is bamboo rice.

This bamboo rice was the staple food of the warriors during the monarchy. Eating this rice can reduce the amount of fats in the body and strengthen.

All right ... we have heard of many varieties of rice like samba, ponni, basmati, What is bamboo rice?

Some may not know about it. This post is for those few people who may not know about this rice.

What is the doubt after the name is bamboo. This rice harvested from a bamboo tree. This bamboo tree has a special character.

I mean .... usually a bamboo bush (with about 50 stalks) takes 60 years to reach its full lifespan. This bamboo plant dries after 60 years of age and dies. In the process of dying, everything does not die. In order to multiply its generation, all the leaves have fallen off from trees and release flowers and seeds in it. These seeds are what we call bamboo rice. 

There are over 1500 species of bamboo in the world. Of these, only 156 species are cultivated in India. All of these are classified as flowering plants so all flowering produces seeds. Therefore all bamboo species bloom. This plant depends on the type of grass.

Remember that the bamboo plant blooms only once in its lifetime. Thus, if the tree starts to bloom, it means that it is 60 years old and the story of the tree is going to be over in a few days. Will the story really end? No. The seeds that fall in clusters from the flowers on the tree, dry up and the plant begins its life with new luster.

Usually, because it grows and dies and then reproduces its generation. Focus on the unique characteristics of these bamboos, which grow into one or two plants and families, intertwined and reproduce its generation. That's the reason why we use green bamboo stalk in awning function and do pooja before good deeds like marriage begin. The banana tree used for the same reason. Also, old people use the phrases(In Tamil) "Vazhaiyadi Vazhayaga Vazhga" and "Moongil pol sutram muriyamal Vazhga" to wishes the newly married couples. (Means, grow generation like a banana tree and keep relations like a bamboo tree)

When the bamboo tree dies many birds and animals eat bamboo rice and get away hungry for few days.

Man is not the exception to this, In ancient times this bamboo rice was especially collected and cooked by the tribal people. Even today in the countryside the elderly collect it and cook it. This bamboo seed looks like a grain of paddy and looks like wheat when the husk is removed. This is why it is called bamboo rice.

Its traditional medicinal properties are:

Mainly gaining physical strength and gaining a solid body. It reduces the bad fat in the body.

This bamboo rice is a boon for people with diabetes. This diet keeps the body's sugar level under control.

Gained the power to reduce obesity.

It strengthens the uterus of women and leads to childbirth.

Sperm count will increase for men.

For constipation, back pain, neck pain, etc., it is good to drink bamboo rice porridge and it will give good results.

Let's just say that, Realizing its medicinal value, this rice widely available in the online market.

For today's generation who know about fast food like pizza, burgers, noodles .... it is a bit rare to know everything about this traditional food bamboo rice.