In general, the price of vegetables is lower than the price of meat and fish. But the price of a vegetable in the world is much higher. Even the rich think 10 times before buying it. It is known as the most expensive vegetable in the world. Yes to get the taste of the vegetable, you have to spend 82 thousand rupees.

The name of this unique vegetable is hop shoots. The price of this green vegetable is 1000 euros, which is 82 thousand rupees in Indian currency per kilo. People also love the flower of this vegetable. These are called hop cones. Its flower is used to make beer. The remaining branches are used as food. This vegetable has medicinal properties. It is used to make antibiotics.-

This vegetable is said to be beneficial for the treatment of acute toothache and tuberculosis. People eat this fruit raw and people also use it as a pickle. In 800 AD, people are said to have drunk it after mixing beer. This test has been going on ever since. Its cultivation first began in northern Germany and then gradually spread around the world.