Benefits of apple fruit

Apple is a fruit that is available in all seasons and is loved by many. It is rich in nutrients and medicinal properties.

The nutrients in apples give health to the body and brighten the face and give beauty to the face.

It is also known by various names such as apple, Kumali fruit, Appazham, Wild jujube, and Arathi fruit Tamil. Apples are widely grown in cold regions such as Shimla and Kashmir.

Apples are rich in iron, protein, fat, phosphate, sugar, potassium, sodium, pectin, malic uric acids, vitamins B1, B2, C, etc.

There are numerous benefits to eating an apple every day. One of the most important of which is that Apple excels at preventing heart disease.

Eating an apple every day does not cause constipation because apples are rich in fiber. Many people peel an apple and eat it. That is completely wrong. Only if we eat an apple with the skin, will we get all the nutrients in it. There is no point in removing the skin and just eating the fruit.

Medicinal uses of apple fruit

  • If people with anemia eat apple fruit, the blood circulation will be normalized and the risk of anemia will start to decrease significantly.
  • Apples are used to reduce unwanted fat that has accumulated in the body.
  • Makes the digestive system run smoothly. Eliminates calcium deficiency and strengthens bones.
  • Increases memory and helps keep the brain active.
  • If children have diarrhea, boil the apple and feed, diarrhea will stop.
  • Apple fruit helps in relieving nervousness and getting good sleep.
  • People who wake up in their sleep can be healed by soaking two apples in water at night and eating its juice in the early morning.
  • People with a dry cough can get rid of the cough by eating apple fruit daily.
  • People with lean body mass gain weight if they eat apples daily.
  • Eliminates germs in the gut and protects against ulcers.
  • Men can increase sperm production if they eat apple fruit daily.
  • People with cataracts and eye problems can get rid of eye-related diseases if they eat apples frequently.
  • Apple helps people with diabetes to keep the disease under control. Increases insulin secretion.
  • Apples are an excellent food for babies from 6 months of age. If the apple is well boiled and mashed, the baby will look with proper weight.
  • Eating apple fruit, juice or salad is very good for the body.
  • Mash the apple well and mix a little honey and apply on the face. Then after half an hour wash your face with cold water and your face will glow. Wrinkles on the face, dark spots disappear and the face looks great.