Chili is an important ingredient in spicy foods. Chili always has a special place in our cuisine. Chili is one of the vegetable varieties. Chili has been used in food and medicine since ancient times to increase salinity. India is a leader in the production, export, and import of green chilies.

The best time to grow chillies is during the monsoon season. In a few months, the chillies will be ready for picking. Chilies harvested in the first season are green in color. Next season the chillies may turn a little red. Chilies harvested in the late season are available in stores as dry chillies.

Chilli varieties

Capsicum, Pimento Chili, Rellano Chili, Sweet Banana Chili, Poppillano / Anso Chili, Bermuda Chili Chili, Ortega Chili, Paprika Chili, Spicy Banana Chili, Rogotillo Chili, Albino Chili, Cayenne Chili, Tabasco Chilli, Serrano Chilli, Childifin Chiili,  Aubernero chili, rocoda chili, Thai chili.

Indian Chili Varieties

Thin Chili, LC 334 Chili, Padaki Chili, Adisaya Kara Chili, Jwala Chili, Guntur Chili, Kashmiri Chili, Piataki Chili, Gandhari Chili, and Mundu Chili. The name of the world's most spicy red pepper is Carolina Reaper.

Chilli shapes

It comes in three forms namely needle chilli, stew chilli, and Capsicum. These differ in alkalinity. Capsicum is spicy less. Chili is also used in cooking and as a spice and medicine.

The plant extracts oleoresin, capsaicin, carotenoids, flavonoids, volatile oil and steroidal, saponins, and capsaicin.

Medicinal properties of chilli

Acts as a disinfectant
Chilli promotes digestion and strengthens the body. Relieves muscle cramps and headaches. It acts as an excellent disinfectant. Increases sweating and blood flow.

Corrects blood flow
Chilli helps to increase blood flow. Adjusts blood flow throughout the body. Capsaicin, a chemical found in chili peppers, is the underlying cause.

Prevents skin diseases
Applying it to the skin dulls the sensation of nerve endings and increases blood flow. Treats skin ailments such as psoriasis, neuralgia and headaches, joint pain.

Keeps the digestive tract functioning properly

Acts against bacteria. Relieves stomach ache and flatulence when ingested. Stimulating the secretion of digestive glands. Cures gastrointestinal diseases.

Corrects sore throat
It is made into triangular slices with sugar and gulkand and is used to treat sore throat. Used as a rubbing ointment to relieve sore throat.

Cleanses the bowel

Adding chili to the diet stimulates the secretion of a hormone called endorphin in the body. So, the mind gets rest. Chili-containing food has the ability to cleanse the intestines and lighten the body.

Prevents skin infections
Green chillies are rich in anti-bacterial properties. This property protects the body from infections. It also helps prevent skin infections. Green chillies are high in vitamin E. This will help the skin to secrete some hormone oil.

Dissolving fats
Chilli, which is added to food dissolves body fats. This is because it is low in fat and dissolves calories in the body.