Surprisingly, bamboo is also a grass species.

China and bamboo are closely related. Bamboo trees grow there like nowhere else in the world. That is why China is nicknamed the "World of Bamboo".

There are many species of bamboo. In particular, the 'Chinese bamboo' bamboo is one of the special symbols of China. Dendrocalamus giganteus is its botanical name.

The seed that germinates after 5 years

Chinese bamboo needs fertile soil, water, and sunlight to grow. All of this is exactly what China is all about. Bamboo seeds are sown in the soil. Even if water is poured and fertilized, there is no sign of bamboo sprouting outside. Not months; Five years but the seed does not germinate.

Strong root

The bamboo tree grows to the top only when it forms a strong foundation in the soil. The water you pour, the special care is all about creating a strong warp area.

In the fifth year, the root gives strength to the entire growth of the bamboo. Subsequent surprises are only available to us in the fifth year.

Grow two feet daily

How about that too? Bamboo is growing at a rate of two feet per day at a slightly unexpected pace. It also grows for 45 to 55 days in a row. Chinese bamboo will grow a maximum of 90-135 feet in height. Chinese bamboo is more commercially viable than other types of bamboo.

An example of patience

An example of patience would be the Chinese bamboo plant. Chinese bamboo is cultivated and watered. The seasons go by but the plant never grows. It will not grow even to an inch size and remains intact. The plant will remain intact for a full four years. The person watering the plant should patiently maintain it. From the fifth year growth will start aggressively. Do you know how high it can reach in a single year? 80 feet.

A lesson for life

Patience creates big wins. Patience motivates us to strengthen our foundation, not to rush into doing anything. The lesson that bamboo gives to human life is amazing!

Will be looking for luck!

Feng shui bamboo, considered a lucky item by the Chinese, is an important interior decoration item for Indians, especially those in the northern states.

Feng shui bamboo stems vary in their nature depending on the number of stalks. The people believe that if it has two stalks, it means to love, three stalks indicate health, happiness, and long life, etc.