Field Beans

Field beans are the most suitable crop for cultivation in arid lands. It is also known as lima beans and butter beans.
It looks and feels like butter. A variety of food items are made with these legumes. Peel a skin, you would see a legume. Two to four seeds can be found in one field bean.


There are many types of beans such as white bean, black bean, red bean, wood bean, and native bean. The bean comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on its type.

The nutrients contained in legumes

100 grams of field beans contain the following nutrients.
Water - 10.17g, Energy - 338Kcal, Protein - 21.46g, Fat - 0.69g, Carbohydrate - 63.38g, Fiber - 19.0g, Sugar - 8.50g, Calcium - 81mg, Iron - 7.51mg, Magnesium - 224 mg, phosphorus - 385 mg, potassium - 1724 mg, sodium - 18 mg, zinc - 2.83 mg, thymine - 0.507 mg, riboflavin - 0.202 mg, niacin - 1.537. Mg, Vitamin B6 - 0.512 mg, Folate - 395 mg, Vitamin E - 0.72 mg, Vitamin K - 6.0 mg.
Beans are high in protein, fiber, and minerals that our body needs.
Bean seeds are cooked and eaten raw and dried. Field beans contain chemicals like tannin and trypsin. So, Beans should be soaked before cooking to remove these chemicals. It should be eaten after boiling/cooked.

Medicinal uses of field beans

Protecting heart health
Field beans contain certain amounts of fiber, potassium, folate and saponin. These nutrients are very helpful for heart health. Fiber helps keep cholesterol levels in the blood from rising. Folate helps to prevent the walls of the arteries from increasing in density. Potassium and magnesium reduce the risk of heart disease.

Preventing constipation

The insoluble fiber in beans acts as an excellent laxative. Thus reducing the chance of constipation. People suffering from constipation can get good relief by adding field beans to their diet.

Preventing cancer

The fiber in field beans prevents colitis by reducing the expression of toxins in the gut. Prevents cancer-causing chemicals in the colon area. Bean sprouts contain a small amount of the isoflavones ‘genistin and dietine’. It has been found to prevent breast cancer.

Renewing cells

Legumes are high in protein. Protein is essential for the body to regulate all the functions of the body. Protein is a nutrient that is needed to repair damage to the growth of cells and producing cells in the body.

Keeping body weight under control

Field beans reduce body fat and burn calories. Due to this the body weight will decrease rapidly. 100 grams of beans contains 36 kg of fiber. Thus controlling the amount of sugar.

Most people set aside this bean because they cause gas. This causes discomfort to many. Thus there is no need to set aside the bean. In return, when the bean is boiled, we can cook with ginger and garlic to prevent flatulence.

In addition, legumes have innumerable health benefits for the body. Let's add beans to our diet and live a healthy life.