Benefits of radish greens

Radish is belonging to root vegetables. Some people say that radish is the root of the radish plant and it is not a tuber. Not only this radish but its leaves, stems, and seeds are all medicinal. Now let's look at the benefits of radish in a little more detail.

Radish leaves are the leaves that grow on the upper side of the radish tuber. Most of us just use radish and ignore its greens and throw it away. But radish leaves have more medicinal properties than roots.

Radish leaves contain six times more 'vitamin C' than radishes. 100 grams of radish greens provide about 28 calories. It contains 90 percent flour and 0.7 percent fiber. Radish leaves also contain protein, calcium, and iron. It is rich in mineral salts like calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B, C, etc.

Medicinal uses of radish leaves

1. Radish leaves cure gastritis, kidney diseases, hemorrhoids, jaundice, etc.
2. Radish green is the best diabetes medicine.
3. Radish leaves have the power to cure constipation.
4. Radish can cure various ailments of the liver.
5. Radish greens will add strength to the heart. Also, people with heart disease, palpitations, and heart failure can get good results by adding these leaves to their diet at least once a week.
6. Take 5 or 6 teaspoons of radish leaves juice and drink it regularly for 3 weeks to dissolve kidney stones. The bladder is healed despite the swelling. It also cures urinary stones and skin diseases.
7. Radish spinach is often eaten with food to strengthen eyesight. Vitamin deficiencies will also be eliminated.
8. For those who do not urinate properly, boil a spoonful of barley along with radish leaves and eat it to separate the urine liberally.
9. People suffering from constipation, if you take 1 spoon of radish juice and eat it 3 times a day, you will see good progress.