Benefits of Spring Onion

An onion leaf is a wonderful green that is rich in a lot of nutrients. Spring Onion is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine. Spring Onion is also known as salad onion, scallion onion, and green onion. It is a vegetable belonging to the family of pearl onion, Ballari, and garlic. The top of the onion leaf is green and the bottom is white.

Onion leaves are low in calories. Onion leaf is also rich in many vitamin nutrients including vitamin C, B2, and thiamine. Onion leaves, like onions, are high in sulfur. Excess sulfur provides many health benefits to our body.

Medicinal uses of onion leaf

1. The carbohydrate pectin in onion leaves reduces the risk of colon cancer.
2. Onion leaf is used as good medicine for eye diseases and other eye problems.
3. Onion leaf is good for heart health and reduces unwanted fats in the body and thus reduces the risk of heart disease.
4. Spring Onion helps to reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood.
5. Onion leaf controls the level of sugar found in the blood and increases the body's glucose uptake.
6. Onion leaf is good medicine for people suffering from arthritis and asthma.
7. Onion leaves can control diabetes and cure cancer. Due to the anti-bacterial properties of onion, it also provides relief for digestive ailments.
8. Vitamin K found in onion leaf plays an important role in blood clotting.
9. The phytonutrients in onion leaf such as flavonoids, quercetin, and indocyanine provide the body with the necessary immunity.
10. Vitamin K in onion leaf prevents blockage in blood vessels and leads to balanced blood flow.
11. Onion leaf prevents cancer growth. It contains a chemical called allicin which has anti-cancer properties.