Evidence suggests that roses have been on Earth for 35 million years. It has been 5000 years since roses were cultivated as a garden crop. Rose horticulture was first produced in China.

The rose can be used raw and dried. If you eat rose petals, the sore throat will heal. It will make it easier for pregnant women to urinate. The rose flower is also used to cure intestinal ulcers. You can take balm from the rose. This ointment is used for ear pain, ear disease, and ear ulcer. Kulkandu can be prepared with rose petals.

Eating this will increase body strength, as well as get a beautiful body structure. Also cleansing the blood and brightening the skin color. Sarbath can be prepared from rose petals. Drinking this will cure hemorrhoids, constipation, and intestinal ulcers

The rose flower has a mildly astringent taste. Removes gas from the stomach and cools it. Strengthens the heart. Its petals cause cooling. Stopping problems in the womb for women.

Put a handful of rose petals in a pot, boil it with a tumbler of water, strain it, take half of the infusion, add sugar, and drink in the morning. Take the other half tumbler in the evening. This will help to cure constipation and alleviate the heat. Roses usually cure skin diseases. It can be taken in equal proportions with Chinese caraway, honey and kept in the sunlight for a while. Take a spoonful in the morning and evening. This will give excitement to the body and pleasure to the mind.

People suffering from dizziness, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and biliary disorders due to bile should put two handfuls of rose petals in a pot, add two tumblers of water to boil well, filter the water and drink one tumbler in the morning and one tumbler in the evening. You can add the required amount of sugar to taste. Doing this for seven days will clear the bile. Ingredients that produce bile should not be added at this time.

Dry the rose petals to the required amount, add an equal amount of green gram and grind it into a paste and rub it on the body daily for half an hour and take bath to get rid of skin diseases and get a good complexion.

Blood development occurs. Scabies can be cured by simply chewing a handful of rose petals at a time.

Rose flowers contain active chemicals and essential oils. Rose contains chemicals such as phenyl ethanol, chlorogenic acid, tannin, cyanine, carotene, and sugars.
Put rose buds with satakuppai (available in Tamil drug stores)  and make powder and mix with hot water and cover it for three hours. Then strain it. 

Give a quarter teaspoon for children and one teaspoon for adults once in three hours to get rid of hot stomach pain.

Place the rose petals in a non-stick pan, add boiling water, stir well and cover with a lid. Keep the lid on for 12 hours like this. Then open the lid, squeeze the petals and make a paste with your clean hands. In another bowl add 500 g sugar and 200 ml water and boil. Once the sugar syrup comes out, add the already made rose water and boil it again. Now when the viscous honey comes to a boil, mix three ounces of paneer water, stir and pour into a bottle.
Take two tablespoons of this rose syrup in the tumbler and add the required amount of water and have it. This produces fresh blood in the body.

Collect the required amount of rose petals, add an equal amount of green gram and add 4 to 5 zedoary root and grind it into a paste and rub it on the body daily for half an hour before bath to get rid of skin diseases and get a good complexion.

If you prepare sarpath with rose petals, it will give good taste and as well act as medicine. If you drink sarpath made with rose petals daily, nausea will subside. Constipation gets cured.

If you wash and eat rose flower buds, you will get rid of scabies. To cure dizziness, nausea, and heartburn caused by excess bile rose tea can be taken with cow's milk and mixed with the required amount of sugar. Kulkandu made from the rose flower is available in Ayurvedic medicine stores. If you buy it and eat it in the morning and evening, you will get rid of diarrhea, gall bladder bile, and other ailments.

Grind wild cumin with rose infusion and soak it in a thin cloth and smell to get rid of various ailments caused by nasal congestion and cold. Some people sneeze frequently for no apparent reason. This can be cured by this method. If you have bad breath, you can eat rose petals with a betel leaf pan to get rid of the odor.

Aromatic oil called ‘athar’ is extracted from rose flowers. Rose flowers are used to cure thirst, nausea, sore throat, whitening, and laxative.

Take kulkandhu made from rose petals can be taken to cure constipation, whitening. If you eat this continuously for a month daily two times, the heart, lungs, Liver, Intestines will get stronger.

It is a cure for pediatric diarrhea. Indigestion? Stomach ache? Sweat? Rose petal chutney is the best medicine. Those who have experienced will know for sure. It also works as a little laxative for constipated babies.