Benefits of Mukia Scabrella

In Tamil, these leaves are called Musumusukkai. Its botanical name is Mukia maderaspatana. It is a leafy vegetable. Musumusukkai is also known as Kombupudalai, Peipudalai, mosumosukkai, mamuli, aileyam. The leaves and stems are slightly scaly. Dwarfs (hair follicles) are found around the stems. It is natural to grow on another plant, the tree, the walls. Crunchy greens are astringent and have a spicy flavor and heat. The leaves and roots of this plant are medicinal.

Mukia Scabrella is rich in many nutrients that can keep our bodies healthy. It can not only keep our body healthy but also cure many diseases. It is rich in protein, fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamin ‘C’.

Medicinal uses of Mukia Scabrella

1. Adding Mukia scabrella leaves to the diet cures colds, sneezing, and snoring.
2. These leaves are the best medicine for bronchial infections.
3. Musumusukkai will strengthen the diseased body.
4. The tongue of those suffering from fever may have lost to feel the food flavor. If such people have these crunchy greens, the tongue starts to feel the flavor.
5. Eye irritation, body irritation can be cured by mixing an equal amount of sesame oil with the extract of the mukia scabrella and applying it on the head twice a week before bath.
6. Musumusukkai can control white hair and cure tuberculosis.
7. People with high blood pressure can control their blood pressure by taking these leaves in their diet.
8. Controlling nausea and vomiting. Cures colds, coughs, and gastric diseases. Will increase masculinity.
9. Removes mucus from the lungs, respiratory tract, and trachea.
10. Wilt the leaves in ghee and make chutney and take it in your diet daily. Doing so will cure gastritis and runny nose. The blood will also be cleansed.
11. Musumusukkai balm soothes body heat. Eye irritation will go away.
12. Asthma can be cured by grinding the leaves of Musumusukka with onion and frying them in ghee and taking in the diet.
13. Soaking licorice in musumusukkai extract and dry it and make powder. Take two pinches of this powder in the morning and evening. This will cure cough instantly.
14. Adding Fenugreek to Mukia Scabrella and taking in the diet gives strength to the body.
15. 10 ml of gooseberry juice mixed with 10 ml of mukia scabrella juice will reduce bile.

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