Benefits of Chow Chow

We occasionally add a few vegetables to our diet. ‘Chow chow’ is one such vegetable. It is also known as Bangalore Eggplant. The leaves, pods, and seeds of this plant are rich in immunity.

The vine-type chow chow is highly productive in cold regions. The leaves are large and split. Young pods pale green. Its seeds are inside the pods. Can be used to cultivate mature seeds.

You can get relief from various ailments by frying chow chow, adding it to broth, or making soup with other vegetables. It contains calcium and vitamin C nutrients.

Nutrients rich in 100 g of chow chow:

Vitamins - A, B1, C, K - 19.2%, Carbohydrate - 17.8%, Starch - 10.7%, Folate - 10.5%, Protein - 5.4%, Calcium - 6.7%, Phosphorus - 4.8%, Manganese - 9% Contains Copper - 6%, Zinc - 5%, Potassium - 3%, Magnesium - 4%, Fiber - 1.4%, Iron - 2.5%.

Medical Benefits of chow chow:

1. Indigestion does not occur in people who use chow chow in their daily diet.
2. Chayote is a highly hydrated fruit. Therefore multiplying and excreting urine. Also, it protects the body from urinary tract infections.
3. It is essential to include chow chow in our diet regularly to get healthy. The vitamins in it increase the body's immunity and protect the body.
4. Chow chow will strengthen the nerves by removing the nerve relaxation.
5. Calcium in chayote increases bone strength. Vitamin C in it also strengthens the teeth.
6. Chayote has the power to cleanse the stomach by removing stomach-related diseases.
7. Chow chow lowers high blood pressure and keeps the body in balance.
8. People suffering from constipation can get rid of constipation by adding chow chow to their diet twice a week.
9. It cleanses the intestinal tract and eliminates diseases of the colon and small intestine.