The benefits of Nookal

The nookal is sweet with a unique aroma. The leaves of the nookal are also used as food. It has yellow flowers and dark brown seeds. It grows in light green and purple.

Nookal is a slightly harder vegetable. So you have to eat after well cooked. It is rich in vitamins and protein. The frequent inclusion of nookal in the diet is good for our health. No calories in the nookal, and do not make us gain weight. It contains vitamins A, C, E, manganese, and beta carotene.

Excess vitamin K in the diet prevents heart disease. Nookal greens is able to absorb bile using the fat in the body. The result is lower cholesterol. The folate in this vegetable is also good for the heart.

Medicinal uses of Nookal:

1. Women who have given birth will secrete breast milk better if they eat young Nookal for three consecutive days.

2. Nookal has the ability to eliminate stomach problems. Also helps to increase digestive power.

3. Constant eating of nookal will strengthen the intestinal vessels and strengthen the bones.

4. Frequent inclusion of nookal in the diet does not cause nervous problems.

5. It increases the production of red blood cells.

6. Beta carotene in the roots of the nookal helps in the production of healthy membranes and enhances immunity.

7. Nookal will correct lung related problems. Nookal green is high in vitamin A. It greatly contributes to lung health.

8. It increases digestive power. Nookal is a high-fiber vegetable that naturally has the property of regulating digestion. It can also fight the bacteria that cause stomach problems and stomach ulcers.

9. Nookal prevents breast cancer, colon and rectal cancers.