I do not know if you read this, it is my duty to write as it the most important topic. A study published in November 2018 about this will be useful for you to read and make a decision. There is a ton of controversy in the natural health community about MSG (Ajinomoto). It is said to cause asthma, headaches, and brain damage. Most official sources, such as the FDA, claim that MSG is safe. Let's see what studies say about this?

It is a chemical salt used to enhance the taste of food. The name of the company that produces this salt is Aji Nomoto. They call this salt by the name of that company. Ajinomoto, which is made from seaweed, is now also made from wheat, beetroot, and sugarcane.

This salt contains sodium and glutamate. Sodium is rich in the salt we use every day. Sodium is essential for good blood circulation, blood pressure, nerve, and muscle movement in our body. But when these are over the limit, the body becomes more vulnerable.

Next is glutamate. As we get enough of our daily needs through food, when these amounts increase, they can disrupt the vital part of the brain and cause many disorders.

This is because Ajinomoto contains 22% of sodium and 78% of glutamate.

This chemical salt is added as an extra flavor in all packaged food and fast foods. Initially, this salt was made only in restaurants.

At one point most of the ads projected that it will give more flavor to the food, people have started to be used more and more even when cooking at home. Ajinomoto will be on the monthly grocery list by default in every home nowadays. Even today, people do not know that they are buying poison.


The MSG chemical salt was studied by the American Chemical Society in 1968. Reported that it does not cause any side effects when taken in uniform doses. But when these chemical salts are used in all foods they are added in excess without being evenly distributed in the body. So these only pose a risk.


Occasional migraine headaches are common nowadays. Doctors say that this chemical salt, which is added in excess, is the number one cause of migraine headaches.

Vulnerability at an early age

Severely affects the brain and destroys cells in the brain. It also breaks down the hypothalamus, the main part of the brain. Thus reducing memory. Children are also more likely to have problems such as excessive sluggishness and drowsiness when they continue to eat too much fast food. We see this in the children of today.

Regular intake of this chemical-salted food can lead to zinc deficiency in the body and decrease the brain function of children.

Kidney spoiled

Food waste and salts in the kidneys begin to accumulate inside the kidneys. These are the ones that start to transform into kidney stones. This chemical salt, which is rich in excess salts, causes this issue easily. 

Heart issues

This chemical salt, which is added to spicy fast foods to enhance the taste, also causes heart problems. The palpitations in the heart cause the heart to beat faster.

Weight gain

Stimulates the hypothalamus, the main organ of the brain. It triggers the brain to feel eating frequently. Hence, weight gain is obvious. Being overweight can also cause problems such as fatigue.

They also warn that it can be one of the leading causes of abdominal pain, gastrointestinal problems, ulcers, small intestine, liver damage, asthma, depression, numbness, stiffness, irritability, and diabetes.

We are living in a world where our ancestors used a substance to have many uses, but the modern generation still using one substance that creates many diseases.