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Women osteoporosis and onions!

Women and onions!

Which is the rare food that cures osteoporosis in women? Only onions.

The University of Bern in Switzerland has found that this onion is a good cure for hip osteoporosis and fractures.

The University of Bern has been feeding onions for rats for four weeks. The bones of these rats in the study were variable in weight and firmness. Parsley, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, and turmeric are also good for strengthening bones. But, all these are normal compared to onions.

Milk and soy, which are recommended for strengthening the skeletal system, have only a small effect on the bones of mice.

“We explored the extent to which all vegetables are beneficial in changing the development of the skeletal system. The results of a study conducted on mice revealed that they can have a similar effect on the human body. "Women and men need to add onions, which are the best way to prevent osteoporosis and to build healthy, heavy, and strong bones, and to treat it properly and at low cost," said Dr. Roman Mughalpener, head of the study team, in an interview with Nature newspaper.

“Onions are an important ingredient in preventing bone loss. It is not possible to say exactly what is in the onion preventing bone loss at this moment. In the diet of Mediterranean countries, the health-enhancing property is to eat onions daily. They mix onions well with olive oil, garlic, fish, red lettuce, and cabbage, ”says Dr. Roman.

All types of onions contain sulfur salts. These are the ones that take care of the blood, not clotting. Red onions contain quercetin. It protects the body from inflammation, allergies, and heart attack. Small onions contain folic acid, vitamin C, iron, potassium, and beta carotene. They do a great job of protecting from getting older look, eyesight, blood development, etc.

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