‘Eat a banana every day. A new quality mantra of 'Live Healthy' has now emerged.

Bananas are actually one of the best plant species. It is a delicate, wholesome meal. The fruit is rich in protein, starch, vitamins, mineral salts, etc.

Following in the footsteps of Steffi graf, her husband, Andre Agassi, also eats bananas between breaks in a tennis match. The reason is that after eating a well-ripened banana, the blood glucose level rises within the next 15 minutes (35%), and the body and mind become active. If other food, still it will take more time. 

This energy stays in the body for the next 40 minutes, says Jane Griffin. He is an expert in providing nutrition programs to athletes at the British Olympic Association. He says that following in the footsteps of tennis players, all athletes should now eat bananas well. Eat a banana immediately if you feel like you have a fever.

Today, scientists and nutritionists say bananas are the highest quality food in the world. Protein, Calcium to prolong rejuvenation, Iron to prevent anemia, Magnesium to prevent heart disease, Hydro acid to kill bacteria, Sodium salt, Potassium to help keep the blood fluid, Phosphorus for good eyesight and healthy brain, Vitamins A, B, C are there in a single banana.

Vitamin C in bananas helps to strengthen the gums and the muscle that binds to the bones. The body also needs to use vitamin A to make red blood cells. Vitamin C builds immunity in the body.

Bananas are rich in salts such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus, which help maintain a smooth blood flow and, most importantly, prevent blood clots. The two bananas we eat every day can easily control blood pressure.

Only if the food we eat contains potassium and sodium, will the elastic substances in our body be in balance. Decreased potassium salts can block blood flow. The sodium salt is present in everything we eat. But, there is no potassium. This deficiency can be eliminated by eating only one banana daily.

It is the potassium in athlete's bodies that determines the success or failure at the last minute. Mood and everything that works out at full speed accordingly. If the potassium level is not low, the runner-up may decide at the last minute and run first to win. Banana is a fruit that is full of energy for athletes and those who are determined to live with confidence, says British nutritionist Jan Griffin.

People who are high in fat, people with kidney disease, and people with diabetes should avoid bananas.

Bananas, which give vitality to the lazy, can be eaten by all ages. It is an easily available medicine that cures heart disease, fever, joint pain, depression, etc at free of cost.