The flowers are multi-colored. Some of these have nice fragrances. Some are anesthetic. The ones who discovered this introduced aromatherapy. Fluids extracted from fragrant flowers are called essential oils. These oils have a rare medicinal value. This essential oil is similar to the oil used in Ayurveda for baths and massages.

This oil is made from the juice extracted from a variety of flowers. You can evaporate this oil with smoke and expel germs from the room. You can feel refreshed by inhaling this smoke. When we take a bath every day, add few drops of this oil to the water and take a bath. Mixing this essential oil with coconut oil and applying it to the body will make the skin glow.

Mix essential oil with warm water and doing fomentation to the affected area will get rid of aches and pains. Many beauticians today use this essential oil to make shine. It has many names such as Aroma Oil, Essential Oil, Aromatic Oil.

Applying this aroma oil daily on the feet can help prevent problems at the feet. This aroma oil is available in many pharmacies today. This essential oil is an excellent remedy for hair loss. Regular use of this oil on the scalp will give relief from hair loss, dandruff, white hair, lice infestation, scalp itching, etc.

Flowers such as jasmine, rose, and lavender and trees such as sandalwood, lemon, orange, and ginger are used in aromatherapy to extract the essential oil. Each of these has a medicinal value. Using this essential oil made from natural ingredients, Aromatherapy can solve many problems ranging from headaches, body aches, allergies to skin problems.

Lavender is the best for peace of mind and body. Jasmine flower enchants the mind and gives peace and happiness. Consuming the scent of sandalwood will make you feel full and happy as if the mind has been wiped. Lemon is refreshing and is good for the body as it contains vitamin C. Orange peel juice protects the body and prevents constipation. Each of these has a benefit. These oils are generally available in all stores. We can buy our favorite essential oil and do aromatherapy ourselves.

All oils are easily volatile. Each is capable of creating a unique situation. Select the required oil. Fill a non-stick pan with lukewarm water and pour four to five drops of essential oil. Stir well. Bring the utensil close to the face and inhale and exhale the scent or keep the leg in this utensil. The scent of the flower and its uses spread from the feet to the scalp. This is because all the nerve nodes in our bodies are in our feet.

If the mind seems tired, take a bottle of your favorite perfume near to your nose and smell it. Can be rubbed lightly on the ears and flaps. Rubbing on the ear which has full of sensory nerves will get a good result.


Aromatic oils can be mixed with vegetable oil such as almond oil, coconut oil, or sunflower oil and massaged.

It is a good habit to pour oil on the scalp, rub it, soak it and take a bath. Relieves body heat. Place the palm of your hand on the tip of the nose and rub the oil where the fingertips touch the head. Leave a gap of three fingers from there and rub the oil again. Rubbing the oil to the back of the head like this will get good results. The aroma and healing properties of the essential oils will remove heat and relax from your stress.

Massage sideways starting from the middle of the forehead. Do the massage upper and lower parts of the eyebrows. It is important to press the fingers lightly. If time permits, it is also good to massage the whole body. Rub the forehead ten times clockwise and ten times in a circular motion in the opposite direction.

When massaging the back of the neck, the palm can be pressed. You can fold your fingers, cover your hands, and gently massage the shoulder. The legs can be rolled and kneaded like a cloth. Many people forget about the foot, but it is very important to massage them. It is usually best to massage in the direction of the heart. When massaging over the shoulder, massage downwards as well. Hold the fingertips and squeeze lightly.

After massaging each part of the body properly, the hands and feet should be shaken out. When pressed properly on the vital centers in the body, body tension is released. Massage is good medicine for the body and mind.