Ficus Riligiosa tree

Ficus Riligiosa is the main tree of all the trees in India. Similarly, Shiva is the head of all the deities. We see that the Ficus Riligiosa tree is located in many temples. This tree is also known as the Bodhi tree. Bodhi tree is the place where God Buddha attained enlightenment. So the Ficus Riligiosa tree is the epitome of wisdom.

Tree with sharp leaves. This tree is grown as a sacred tree in many village lakes and ponds across India. You could found this tree everywhere in Tamil Nadu. Young leaves of this tree, bark, root, and seeds are medically useful.

The young leaves are used for reducing body heat, the seed as an aphrodisiac, and the root and bark used as an anti-inflammatory.

1. Grind the young leaves and apply to heal sores quickly.

2. Take 30g of root bark and boil with 300 ml of water until it is reduced to 100 ml. Add milk and sugar with this water and drink it to get rid of hot flashes, rashes, diarrhea, hydrothorax, and scabies.

3. Bark powder mixed with blackened coconut oil can be applied to sores and scabies.

4. Soak 2 pinches of bark powder in water and filter it to cure hiccups, sore throat, and laryngitis.

5. Ficus Riligiosa seed powder multiplies cells and removes male infertility.

6. Take young leaves juice with water to get rid of fever and thirst. 

7. Crush the dried fruit of ficus religiosa and give 5g in hot water in the morning and evening for 20 days to cure respiratory tuberculosis.