Long days ago, everyone think that restaurants supply only vegetarian food. Madurai Muniandi Vilas Restaurant is the one who changed that thought from everyone's mind. Those credits definitely will go to this restaurant!

These are the ones who introduced the Live MenuCard to the world. The waiter will show you everything on the big plate. Their menu includes chicken varieties, mutton varieties, chukka, brittle fry, fish, quail, etc. Customers will see them live and choose their option to order.

This is the story behind the formation of this hotel. There is a Muneeswarar temple in the North Vadakampatti area of ​​Madurai. In 1930, there was a famine here. Subbaiah went to the Muniyandi temple to pray and in 1935, he started the first non-vegetarian hotel with the blessing of god Muneeswarar. Following him, one by one the people of the village prayed to god Muniyandi and started hotels all over Tamil Nadu. The famine of the people of the village flew away.

It was 20 years later, in 1955, that the first Muniandi Vilas in Chennai was started by Srinivasan in Thiyagaraya Nagar, but it did not last. It has been closed in the first few years as it is a vegetarian area.

Again started Muniandi Vilas started by Ramu on a small scale at Rajabadhar Street, Thiyagaraya Nagar. This time this restaurant became popular and gained a lot of customers. Branches sprouted all over the Northern District.

Most of the Muniandi Vilas Hotel owners are from Vadakampatti village or its environs, Madurai. If they want to open a new Muniandi Vilas, they have to worship at the Vadakampatti Muniandi temple and get permission and register the name of the restaurant with the town at the temple. This is the rule.

The festival is celebrated by donating to the temple organization that organizes it, and by slaughtering hundreds of sheep, goats,s, and chickens in the third week of January each year. Every day the first customer's money is put in the piggy bank. This money goes to the Vadakampatti temple food festival every year.

Due to some social issues and due to the change of time, the temple has been divided into three and converted into three Muniandi Swami temples called Vadakampatti, Achchampatti and Pudupatti now. Hence owners of the muniyandi Vilas restaurant also have three divisions now. Even though there are divisions owners keep the restaurant name as "Madurai Muniyandi Vilas"

These restaurants usually will not have refrigerators. It does not exist here. Foods cooked that day will run out on the same day. They are making sure to supply fresh food every day to their customers.