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How kumkum is made and its speciality

The auspicious kumkum, a symbol of love and devotion, contains divine, medicinal, and more positive energies, enhancing physical and mental strength when placed on the forehead. We have a few hints that women have been wearing kumkum on their foreheads since the time of the Indus Valley Civilisation. The kumkum we wear has gained cultural significance for over 4000 years.

The forehead is a distinct part of the human body. That is why in meditation there is a separate focus on the forehead area. The forehead is the area between the two eyebrows. Putting kumkum here will give you peace of mind. The forehead can control too much heat that goes to the brain through the nerve. Putting kumkum on that forehead alleviates that heat. Our ancestors have gone so far as to say that many things like this are obtained by wearing kumkum on the forehead.

Kumkum is good for women: One of the biggest stories behind the kumkum worn by women is told. It is said that kumkum on the forehead for women makes the healthier uterus, which is why married women put it on the forehead. It is also said that kumkum stimulates many nerves in the forehead to get conceive immediately.

Ok, now let's see how this kumkum is made:

Ingredients used:

Turmeric - 100 g

White Alum- 10 g

Alum - 10 g

Sesame oil - the required amount

Lemon juice - 4 tsp

Break both Alum separately into pieces. Then put them in the mixer grinder and make the powder separately. When well powdered, put both powders in a mixer and grind. When the two are ground together, their color turns brown and becomes slightly moist.

Break the whole turmeric into small pieces, put them in a mixer, grind them finely and sift through a sieve. Then squeeze the whole lemon and take the juice. Mix all the powders we made with the lemon juice, and spread it on a plate and let it dry.

After drying well, the powder color looks like thick maroon. Add a little bit of sesame oil and mix it well. Only then kumkum be available in a nice dark maroon color.

Original kumkum ready with the scent of turmeric. In some places, kumkum is fragrant with jasmine and Fragrant Screw Pine. Mix two or three drops of jasmine or Fragrant Screw Pine essences with this kumkum. Keeping kumkum on the forehead helps to keep the body temperature even.

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