ration rice

First of all, we will see what is the difference between Ration rice and store rice. 

Both the ration rice grain and the shop rice grain are purchased from the farmers during the harvest, but there will be a slight difference in the quality of the rice.

The store rice grain is soaked in water, dried, and then ground to make rice. It will last for 6 months. It is high in flour. Ration rice grain fried first in some level of heat and then soaked, dried, and ground. Granules and blackened rice will not be removed and it can last up to 2 years.

ration rice

About Health

I grew up eating ration rice from birth to my twenties and will still eat it if possible for my lifetime. My parents have had ration rice for over sixty years. There is no downside, just a lot of energy.

Although income is not an issue for buying and using other types of rice, we consumed it only due to a few peculiarities that belong to ration rice. 

The uniqueness of ration rice is:

1. If consumed a ration rice meal, does not make us hungry for a long time. So, eating twice a day is enough for me.

2. I do not get any satisfaction from grocery store rice, which can only be given by ration rice.

3. Ration rice won't spoil throughout the day. Sometimes it is of usable quality even the next day.

4. Ration rice is low in nutrients, the body will get sick are just fake news. So that all of us reject ration rice and start buy store rice. I am still very healthy today. Physical fitness is also good. There are no diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure. My parents do not have any of these diseases.

5. Ration rice is the best way to cook high-quality foods like tomato, veg, and non-veg biryani at a low cost. 

6. Tamarind Kuzhambu like brinjal curry, turkey berry curry, Vathal Kuzhambu, and obviously all nonveg curries with little spicier will well suit with ration rice. The stomach and mind will reach the next level of satisfaction and happiness.

7. Stomach upset, the body will get weak are just a fake story. While eating ration rice meal, some people, with a smirk, eat with a kind of disgusting attitude. It is these thoughts that turn them into such phenomena. Nothing happens to those who enjoy and taste.

Depending on the type of ration rice, the taste, aroma, digestibility time, etc. can be increased or decreased. However, these do not cause any harm to the body

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Instead of buying at the grocery store rice, we can eat ration rice and use the remaining money to buy whole grains.  Does anyone say that the people who eat with grocery store rice lived for a hundred years? If not. Then why this suspicion? Ration rice also comes from the soil. But, isn't it worth it if we get it at a lower price? Ration rice is actually unpolished rice, will therefore remain all-natural. In few places, this rice is prescribed by doctors for diabetes. 

The ration rice comes in the form of the double-boiled method for long storage, which is full of rice flavor and nutrients.

ration rice

Now let's see who all in the middle spoil ration rice quality in very few places.

Usually, the whole rice is soaked in water for a certain period of time before being milled. Freshwater should be changed frequently at regular intervals.

But old water is used again and again to soak ration rice at mills as it is economical. This causes rot and it joins the rice. The rice is not properly cleaned!

In order to increase the weight of the ration rice, some people grind the rice with moisture and hand it over to the government godown before it dries properly in the field.

The govt staff also does not notice the moisture for bribes. 

Moist rice bundles and stored in government godown for a few months, adding to the fungus in some places.  This is why there is a big difference between the rice distributed in ration shops and the rice sold in shops.

If you get smelled rice we can complain in govt portal now as everyone has access now. Unlike before, they are taking immediate actions. So, whoever needs to live economically can go for ration rice without any hesitation.