It is called Sour greens in Tamil, as the name implies, has a very sour taste.  The use of this green is very high in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In Andhra Pradesh, it is called 'Gongura'. There are many names for gongura in Tamil like fermented spinach, Cassini greens, kayachurai, Kaichirangu, Kaicha keerai, Sanambu.

Gongura contains mineral salts, iron, vitamins, folic acid, and antioxidants, all of which are essential for physical strength and growth. That is why our ancestors used to cook these greens twice a week and give them to children with disabilities to eat.  Gongura cures tuberculosis and plays an important role in cleansing the blood. Helps to keep body heat constant at all times. This spinach nourishes the body and intestines. "People with biliary diseases are advised to avoid eating these greens. It has the property of increasing bile."

People used to make a chutney with these greens. For this pluck, the gongura leaves and boil with the required Chilli and add the required salt. Cooldown and grind. To add additional taste, season with oil, mustard seed, urad dal.

Benefits of Gongura

Cure skin disease

People with skin diseases like scabies and rashes can make chutney and eat it along with their food.  Pain in the body will cure if you take these leaves along with prescribed medicine. 

Cure tuberculosis

Andhra people love to eat it because it is high in iron. Cure tuberculosis. Purifies the blood.

Reduce body heat

Making chutney without tamarind, Chilli promotes mineralization and helps to keep the body heat steady.

Cure constipation

People suffering from constipation should eat this gongura at least once in two or three days. Just plain gongura without any other ingredients can make the body cool. It contains minerals such as iron and calcium.

The blood gets purified by consuming this green.  The sloth will go away. Sperm will harden.

Cure rheumatism

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers can get rid of rheumatism by cooking and eating gongura once in two or three days.

Body heat

Some people's body chills often. If such people eat gongura frequently, their body temperature will be at a natural level.  In South India, especially in Andhra Pradesh, this gongura is widely grown.


In Andhra Pradesh, gongura has very good value. They have realized how nutritious these gongura greens are.

In Andhra Pradesh, manual workers are very best and fit. Here a single man will lift a heavy object that can be lifted only by three people.  Those who went there may have seen this in real. The reason is that the rice they eat is raw rice. Laxmi Sonamasuri is one of the popular rice brands. Everyone knows that it contains a lot of nutrients.

This gongura is rich in iron. Rice and gongura are two types of food ingredients that make them strong.

But, many people despise such powerful gongura spinach and do not like to eat it. I hope those reading this will like to eat gongura and gain physical strength.

Disadvantages of gongura

People with biliary tract disease are advised not to eat this vegetable. Because it has the power to make bile.