We would have seen that rotten fruits like oranges, mangoes, and apples in a secluded area near the bus exit at many bus stands. We used to think that after watching those rotten fruits being eaten by cows and pigs, someone has left them to feed animals. If you think deeply, the action of some fruit traders makes us hate them.

This is because fruit vendors in places like the bus stands, sell fruits at 40% higher prices than street vendors. Why this price increase means, they have to pay more rent for shops in the area. Passengers coming from outlying towns will not know any other shops if they leave these bus stands. Mainly those who travel by bus in an emergency will not take this price as a matter.

Due to this high price, some fruit sellers get the investment required for the sale of 50 kg of fruit at 30 kg. Even after receiving the investment, they do not reduce the price of the fruit. Because, if they reduce the price, people would expect the fruits at the same price the next day.

As a result, sellers have the habit of keeping rotting and wasting fruit in their shops without selling it. Pour aside. Pigs and cows eat them. This is the situation in many bus stands.

Next, we used to drink fruit juice in the roadside shops. I used to drink many times. The fruits used in this drink are rotten fruits or rotting stages of fruits that are not traded in fruit shops. I stopped drinking the juice because of the rotten grapes and bananas in this drink. I’m not telling you not to drink fruit juice. See the fruit juice prepared in front of your eyes. It is better to avoid fruit shops that have prepared fruit juice in advance.

Next, a person sold Guava fruit at 30Rs per kg in the market. In the same market, the price of guava was 50 rupees per kg. Both are the same quality guava. Well, I was shocked when I bought 2 kg of fruit from him and came home and weighed. Then, I realized how he sold for 30 rupees. What I found was, Whatever I thought was 2 kg is only 1.6 kg. The price he sold for the trick is approximately equal to 50 rupees. But I think he made some alterations to the weighing machine and selling very fast. 

I asked him the next day why the amount of fruit had decreased. He said that only this amount of fruit you will get for 30 rupees. After listening to it for a minute I was really shocked. 

Let us finally come to an important point.

Well, I ask a question. The fruits that we buy and eat in the store today that really benefit our body? Can we be sure that these fruits are beneficial? Absolutely not.

This is because, over time, traders have introduced changes in the way fruits are ripened. That is to say, at one time the fruit was ripened and marketed naturally using hay, neem leaves. After sometimes they followed smoke in the godown room and ripened. These are the safest methods.

But the shocking fact is that today the fruit is ripened with poisonous synthetic chemicals and marketed by traders.

At that time it took four to five days for ripening bananas, mangoes, papayas, and other fruits naturally. But today only a couple of days is enough to ripen a mature fruit or an immature fruit. Remember only one or two days, i.e. 24 to 48 hours is enough. How do you say this is possible? This is made possible by certain chemical factors.

After the year 2000, fruit merchants using a chemical in the form of a stone called calcium carbide to ripen the fruits. We, the common people, have bought the fruits ripened with this carbide stone from the traders for money and have been subjected to many health issues.

The carbide stone is folded in cloth or sheets and placed on vegetables and covered. This chemical reacts with moisture and turns into a hot gas. This reaction is completed in a day or two and the pods become fruitful. Our situation of buying and eating this fruit for money is going to be worst.

We, the common people, are being sacrificed for the merchants to see the money in a hurry. If we continue to eat fruits like this, what kind of harm will come to us, not one, not two, we can continue to stack as many issues.

Some of the notable ones: Vomiting and diarrhea in children. Kidney damage. Cancer is more likely to occur. People with ulcer problems are advised to avoid this type of fruit. Banana, Mangoes, and Papaya, etc are ripened in this way frequently.

If you have doubt, visit the farmer's market in your hometown in the morning. All of the bananas look green. If you ask them, they will say, "These are all matured already. They will ripen by tonight." If we buy them, they turned yellow and fruit overnight. All of these bananas are ripened by traders.

The method of ripening this carbide stone is still followed by 10 out of 100 traders today. If you ask me if everybody else has changed except these 10 traders, I will say yes they have changed to a method of injecting a different poison to ripening the fruit.

Since 2013, traders have been updating the method of ripening fruit by spraying liquid poison. Although the method of ripening the fruit is new, the inconveniences to the people are as mentioned above.

According to the new system, traders buy and sell a type of chemical that is sold in pesticide stores, and spray it on many pods, such as mango, papaya, pineapple, and cantaloupe, and sell.

The name of that chemical is ethrel. It acts as a stimulant to the growth of the plant and at the same time as an insecticide. It is mixed with water and sprayed on the pods to market to the public. It contains a chemical called ethephon, which reacts with pods to synthesize ethylene, a chemical needed to ripen fruit. Thus the pods easily ripen.

This chemical changes the color of the fruit and makes the pods appear clean and ripen quickly. Today 70 out of 100 traders make money by ripening fruits in this way and also earn sin. Eating this is likely to cause cancer.

The government has also taken serious action against traders who ripen and sell fruits as mentioned above from time to time but the traders are not changing. In this method the ripening process is continuous.

The government is now offering traders an idea to ripen the fruit. That is, traders are urging people to avoid using carbide stone and ethrel liquid and buy ethylene as a gas in stores to ripen. In this method, the pods are placed in a plastic cover and injected with ethylene gas. Look at the picture below to understand.

Although ripening fruits with ethylene gas can cause some physical harm to people, the effects of ethylene gas ripening fruits are slightly less than those caused by fruits ripening with carbide stone and ethrel liquid!

It is noteworthy that the government has also advised traders to ripen fruits in this ethylene gas system. The government also cracks down on traders who ripen fruit with carbide stone and ethereal fluid. Fruit traders involved in such scams are liable to imprisonment for 6 to 3 years by the police and a fine of up to Rs 50,000. But the fruit merchants did not change.

Next is the sale of expensive fruits such as apples with wax-coated. One of the main reasons for this is that people want a lot of attractive fruits. This can lead to side effects in humans. In this method, a wax-like chemical is applied to the apple. When the wax dries, the apple becomes shiny. Look at the picture below.

Looking at all of the above, the idea of buying and eating fruit seems to leave us.

So the above information confirms that traders understand many tricks and go to any lengths to attract people and make money. We are the only people who are the test rats for them.