It is not only a flower suitable for worshiping the Lord. It is also a flower with natural medicinal properties. It belongs to the wood class. Cultivated all over India. Its aroma will attract everyone.

Tamil - Senbagam
English - golden champak
Malayalam - Chambangi poovu
Telugu - Chambakamu
Sanskrit - Champaka
Botanical Name - Michelia champaka

Medicinal Benefits:

To gain physical strength

Man can live a healthy life if his body is strong and refreshed. The champak flower is the best medicine to strengthen the body. Dry and powder the champak flower in the shade and mix it with honey and eat it every morning to strengthen the body.

Relieve nervousness

Excessive heat and prolonged waking at night can cause nervousness. If they make a decoction of champak flower and drink by adding palm candy, will cure nervousness.

Decreased bile

Heat, air, and water are the key ingredients for human activity. The body will be healthy only if these are in their proper condition.

In some people, increased body heat can cause vomiting, dizziness, and lightheadedness. If they drink champak flower infusion, Biliary disease by heat will decrease. The above inconveniences will also be eliminated.

For masculinity

Impotence is caused by a number of factors. People with this deficiency can dry and powder the champak flower in the shade and drink the decoction both in the morning and in the evening to get rid of impotence.

For women

To get rid of the whitening problem of women, it is better to drink a decoction of champak flower daily.

Cure the flu

Climate change has caused the spread of many bacteria and viruses in the body of some people, leading to various diseases. To cure the fever caused by this virus and bacteria, dry the champak flower and make an infusion and drink it to cure the fever.

Illuminate eyesight

Those who work long hours in front of the computer will soon lose their eyesight. Their vision veins are watery. For this, if you make a decoction of champak flower and drink it with palm candy daily, your eyesight will become clearer.

Urinary problems

For diseases like urinary incontinence and urinary irritation, drink champak infusion in the morning and evening. Your urine will increase. Cures urinary diseases.

To cure sexually transmitted diseases

People with viral diseases due to moral disorders can reduce the impact of sexually transmitted diseases if they dry and powder the champak flower and eat with honey twice a day.

Champak oil

An oil made from the champak flower is used for perfumes. This oil can be mixed with coconut oil and rubbed on the scalp to cure hair loss. Also cures headaches and cataracts. Also, this oil can cure arthritis pain.