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Gmelina Asiatica medicinal benefits

Gmelina Asiatica

Gmelina Asiatica is called Nilakumizh in Tamil. 

Despite living a hygienic life and clean water, a wide variety of germs can enter the body through air, water, food, and wounds. Frequent out-of-towners, diners in restaurants, and guests who eat food at parties such as weddings are prone to stomach upsets. It starts with belching, bloating, and constipation, which causes severe abdominal pain as the day goes on, making you feel like you have to defecate and hating food over the course of the day.

The only way to protect yourself from stomach upset is to eat clean food and drink germ-free water. It is also a good idea to eat fruits that increase immunity and fiber-rich spinach and vegetables that strengthen the digestive tract. The Gmelina Asiatica is a wonderful herb that removes germs that appear in the esophagus and controls the stomach pain that appears as a result.

Gmelina Asiatica belongs to the genus Verbenaceae - botanically which is grown in orchards or shrubs. Its leaves and roots are used in medicine. Studies have shown that furofuran-like lignans in-ground leaf and roots have the ability to kill germs such as E. coli and Staphylococcus.

Take equal amount of Gmelina Asiatica, beetle killer, Pinus Deodora, french chiretta, medicinal grass called papadapul, unseeded Terminalia chebula, skin removed dry ginger, fiber removed sedge tuber, skin removed Acorus and 1/4 of fried hing and dry. Crush them into a powder altogether. Take 35g of this powder and add to 500ml of water and boil it till it is reduced to 125ml.  Take this water daily once to cure stomach pain, stomach pain caused by chronic cough, a peptic ulcer caused by germs.

To get rid of stomach aches caused by body heat, distill the leaves of Gmelina Asiatica leaves in sesame oil, filter them and rub them on the scalp once a week to relieve body heat. 

Its leaves can be shallow fried with castor oil and doing fomentation with this will remove arthritis pain.

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