Jasmine flower blooms in summer. Many people know that jasmine can be used only for worshiping god and wearing on head by ladies. But, it has lot of other medicinal properties.

Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) is a medicinal plant. This is found in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar countries. Its flowers has fragrant. It is being used as garlands for women to wear on their heads and used in worship. It is used to stop milk secretion and reduce breast swelling. This is the national flower of the Philippines country.

Jasmine in Tamil Nadu

"Malli" in Tamil means plump, rounded and thick. Due to this, the flower may have got the name "Malligai". Madurai Jasmine is very popular. Mullai flower is a type of wild jasmine that is mentioned in the many literatures. Currently, there are many types of jasmine flowers such as Kundu Malli, Adukkumalli and Iruvachi in Tamil Nadu. Jasmine is mostly cultivated in Madurai district. Harvested flowers used for domestic needs and for export to foreign countries. The city of Madurai is also known as the 'Jasmine City'.

Medicinal uses

Medicine for eyes

Jasmine flower buds should be taken as a medicine to cure sexually transmitted diseases. The same jasmine buds are also used medicinally to treat kidney and eye ailments. Boil jasmine flowers in water and add palm sugar. Drink this water frequently. This will gradually decrease muscle growth in the eyes and vision will begin to appear.

Blessed with child

Childless couples can have a chance to have a baby if they just are in the jasmine garden frequently.  The aroma of jasmine will do reactions in the body and make them fit to get a baby. Myths say that Rathi and Manmadhan reside in the jasmine garden. That is why it is said that the couple increases their intimacy and the privilege of having a child.

For those who do not have gardens, you can use jasmine flowers as an ointment and apply the perfume to the bed.

Body swelling, itching

Finely grind the jasmine flowers and apply them to the swollen and irritated areas of the body to cure it easily.  If you take ground jasmine buds and apply them on the sore spots, blisters, swellings, etc., it will heal immediately.

Jasmine tea

Jasmine flowers should be dried in the shade and powdered. If you mix this powder with hot water and drink it like tea, you will get rid of kidney stones. It will cure urinary irritation. Drinking this jasmine powder daily will reduce the risk of osteoporosis and lung cancer.

Mouth ulcers, stomach ulcers

If worms stay in our gut they will erode the intestinal walls and cause ulcers. Thus reducing the digestibility of the stomach. To kill these worms, boil the jasmine flowers in water and strain them. Drink this water to get rid of the worms. The same goes for stomach ulcers caused by indigestion. Jasmine flower is the best medicine for mouth ulcers.


Not eating on time and not eating nutritious food can weaken the nerves and cause many problems in the body for some people. These people should consume jasmine flowers powder mixed with honey to relieve nervousness. They will get refreshed.

Strengthen the uterus

Problems during menstruation can be cured by drinking jasmine water. The oil extracted from jasmine flowers strengthens the uterus and reduces the pain during childbirth.

Jasmine oil

Similarly, you can use jasmine oil for uterine ulcers and tumors. Jasmine oil can cure chronic scars and itching.


Frequent consumption of jasmine flowers boosts the body's immune system. Jasmine flowers help in relieving shortness of breath and cough caused by mucus.

Intestinal worms

People who buy and eat outside food may have stomach worms. If there are worms in the stomach, the body will be thin and white patches will appear on the skin. Such people should put 4 jasmine flowers in water, boil it and drink that water. Drinking this will kill the hookworm and tapeworm in the stomach. Not only those who have these symptoms but everyone can drink this jasmine water to kill the stomach worms.

Relieve stress

Nowadays, women who suffer from problems like stress and body heat, do nothing. Just buy  Jasmine flowers of your choice and wear them on your head. Depression will decrease and body temperature will change. The jasmine flower has many such medicinal properties.


Squeeze the jasmine flower with your hands and apply it to the forehead to cure the headache.

Pain reliever

Mothers who are unable to breastfeed their babies can get relief from jasmine. Jasmine flower is the best medicine to expel breast milk and relieve pain. Grind the jasmine flower and apply it to the breast to reduce the pain and gradually stop the secretion of milk.