Pongame flower medicine is very suitable for Syphilis disease and diabetes. That is, dry the pongame flower in the shade and fry it until golden brown with ghee. Make them as a fine powder.  

Mix 1 or 2 grams of this powder with honey and take it regularly in the morning and evening for 40 days. Doing so will cure any severe syphilis disease. This medicine can be taken with milk to control diabetes.

Pongame leaf has the power to cure peptic ulcers. That is, crush the leaf of the Pongame tree and squeeze the juice and drink 30 to 60 ml daily to cure stomach ulcers and abdominal pain caused by ulcers.

In addition, the leaf has the power to heal cuts and sores. Powder the Pongame leaf and boil with castor oil. Cooldown and store it. Apply this paste with coconut oil on the wound. Otherwise, grind the pongame leaf as it is and make a bandage on the wound to heal quickly.

Wilt the pongame leaf in the lamp oil and apply it to the swelling to reduce the swelling.

Each part of the pomegranate tree has many medicinal properties. The number of evergreen trees that were abundant at that time is now declining. Pongame tree bark has the power to heal fire burn wounds. 

The bark of the pongame tree, the bark of the banyan tree, the ripe fig leaf - all three are finely ground and then distilled with pongame oil. Applying this ointment to the burns will heal the sores.

Hemorrhoids can be cured by taking the pongame bark water. Crush the bark and add with water. Drink the filtered water.

Pongame tree was given more importance during ancient days. They used pongame sticks to brush their teeth. The root of that tree has more magnificence.

Powder the pongame root and boil with water. Cool down and drink this water morning and evening to cure wounds and sores. 

Squeeze the root of Ponmage and take the milk out of it. Add an equal amount of coconut milk and distill it and apply it on the non-healing sores and wounds and it will heal quickly.

Take an equal amount of Pongame root, Pepper, Long pepper, gulancha leaf and 
mimusops elengi root and grind it with cactus juice and take small balls to break the poison caused by a rat bite.

There are many types of toothpaste and tooth powder available to keep teeth strong and problem-free. But none of these can stand in the way of natural items.

During that time, the villagers used pongame sticks to brush their teeth. They did so knowing the medical values.

To make the tooth strong, make pongame bark powder and boil with water until water is reduced to half.  

Add 10g of nutmeg powder in a 1/4 liter of sesame oil and boil until it becomes paste consistency.  With this, you can add the previously made pongame paste and boil. Store it once cooldown. Use this paste a little bit for your brushing morning and evening to get rid of toothache and tooth sensitive 

This helps prevent tooth decay and strengthen gums.