Saffron is also known as "red gold". Saffron is one of the most valuable spices in the world. Saffron, which gives a radiant complexion, is usually added to the food for color and beauty products. Saffron is used in food and beauty products. Saffron contains numerous benefits. Saffron is also used to treat health problems such as autism, depression, visual impairment, and memory.

Saffron production

Saffron is obtained from a flower called "Crocus Sativus". Saffron is the dried orange and red ovary of crocus flowers. The saffron plant is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean. Iran controls 94 percent of the world's saffron production. In India, saffron is cultivated in Jammu & Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. It also grows in countries such as Spain and Greece. Spanish saffron is very popular worldwide.

Cultivation of saffron

We are eating the pollen from the saffron flower. Saffron often blooms only in January and October. Only 1 kg of saffron can be produced from two lakh flowers. It takes a lot of time and time to produce quality saffron, which is why it is so expensive. This is why saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.

Types of saffron

Saffron is widely grown in Kashmir, India. Saffron has been in high demand since ancient times. There are many varieties of saffron, the most important of which are Padmakathi, Parasika, Madhukandi, Padika, and Sargol.

Nutrients in saffron

Saffron cures more than 90 diseases. The oxidants and carotene in saffron are highly beneficial. Its vitamin C and manganese nutrients are used to strengthen bones, repair tissues, and stimulate sex hormones.

Health benefits of saffron

The skin may glow

Adding saffron to milk and drinking it daily can improve the health and radiance of the skin. The face glows.

Giving good sleep

Saffron contains safranal. It acts as an anesthetic. Saffron also has antiseptic properties. It relaxes the nervous system from tightness. It gives natural restful sleep.

Suitable for pregnant women

Pregnant women can drink saffron milk to complete the growth of the baby without any defects. If pregnant women are given dried saffron mixed in milk from the third month, the baby and the mother may become immune. It is a myth that eating saffron can change a baby's complexion. Women feel nauseous no matter what they eat when they are pregnant. The chemical in saffron controls the feeling of vomiting. That is why they give milk mixed with saffron. Not only pregnant women but also others can drink it freely.

The face glows

Take a few drops of saffron balm, massage it on the face, soak it for half an hour and wash it off with warm water to increase blood flow to the face and brighten the face.

Relieves stress and austerity

Serotonin is secreted by the body when people taking saffron. This will reduce depression or stress. Eyesight damage caused by aging can be reduced by taking saffron. Saffron also helps to regenerate the affected tissues.

Stimulates sexual arousal

Aphrodisiac Saffron can stimulate arousal. Saffron is more effective for people with erectile dysfunction without any side effects. It also helps the male reproductive system. Studies have shown that the substance crocin in saffron can give more energy during sex activities. And corrects impotence.

Improves heart function

Kaempferol in saffron protect the heart. It improves heart function.

Prevents cancer

The antioxidants in saffron help to balance free radicals that are harmful to the body. Prevents the development of chronic diseases such as cancer.

Respiratory problems will be solved

Saffron reduces inflammation of the tissues in the lungs of asthma patients and keeps the blood vessels functioning smoothly. Thus the air ducts run smoothly.

Full of antioxidants
Saffron is rich in antioxidants. Saffron contains chemicals such as crocin, crocetin, safranal, and Kaempferol. These have health benefits such as mental health, diet, and physical health.

Strong joints

People who have joint pain can reduce joint swelling by taking saffron flowers. Removes joint weakness and strengthens joints.

How to find good saffron

If you put one or two petals of saffron in water to find that the saffron you bought is clean, it is fake if the water turns red immediately. If after 10 or 15 minutes the color changes and it smells good, you can find that it is a real saffron flower.

Quality saffron

Saffron is 80 percent red and 20 percent yellow. If it has only 20 percent of red, then it is not quality. 

Saffron impurity

Merchants who sell cheap saffron will mix saffron with coconut crumbs and dye for thin yarn. We don’t see the difference when you look at it. But eating is more likely to cause side effects like seizures.

So do not buy and use substandard saffron because it is cheaper.