The stalk is gray from the base to the apex. Its stalk looks like a flower. The leaves are scaly and have very sharp spines on the edges of the leaves. Leaves sessile, with many lobed broken leaves. It is a straight-growing shrub with bright yellow flowers and mustard-like seeds. Its roots can go up to afoot. The milk will be yellow in color. The leaves have a white coating. In the summer, the sun dries up and the plant dies. The leaf, milk, root, and seed have medicinal properties. Break down the disease and soothe the body and give good sleep. It grows spontaneously in barren lands, riverbanks, and roadsides all over Tamil Nadu.

Other names in Tamil: Kurukku chedi, Kudiyotti poondu, Kurukkam, Thadhoori, Kudivottu poondu, Pirathiyupusuppi, Brahmathandu, Vanamali, Varakuga, Suvaragu, Muhikkathasathai, Rasathoodu, Pasayandhani, Sadhalingatha Guruvakki, Kirumi Ari. 

In English: Argemone mexicana Linn, Papaveraceae

Medicinal properties:

Take 10ml of Papaveraceae leaf extract and drink it regularly in the morning on an empty stomach for a month to cure rashes, scabies, syphilis, and Leprosy or Hansen's disease.

Drink 30 ml of Papaveraceae leaf juice and grind the leaf and apply a bandage in the bitten mouth to get rid of snake venom. Apply bandage with the ground leaf to cure wounds, scabies, rashes. 

Take 20 flowers, soak them in water and take a bath to cure eye disease in 50 days.

Apply 1 drop of Papaveraceae milk in the eye to cure eye pain, muscle growth, eye redness, itching, tingling, watery eyes, and eye irritation.

Take black pepper size ground leaf and ground seed mix 2 times a day with honey to cure whooping cough, cough, lungs, and runny nose.

Use Papaveraceae ashes to brush your teeth to cure tooth decay, damage teeth, pus.

The root of the stalk is dried in the shade, crushed, powdered, and take with hot water to remove the fecal worms. Remove seeds completely and take the extract from the complete plant and give 1/2 teaspoon to kids until 12 years to break any venom and expel from the body through
diarrhea. 1 teaspoon for above 12 years. If diarrheaout of control need to give lemon juice to control. 

If you are very tired, you can give food with Papaveraceae. It is better to give it only to snake bites. For other poisons drop juice in the bitten mouth, the poison will break without going to the head.

Take the seed of Papaveraceae, grind it with water, and apply it to the tumors. Do this once every 2 hours. The tumor will roll automatically and break and cure.

Powder the seeds of the Papaveraceae and roll it in a leaf and smoke like a cigarette to cure the toothache, tooth decay. Tooth worms will come out.