Dry fish intake must be the beneficial exception for some patients, including heart patients, kidney patients, dermatologists, digestive patients, diabetics, and patients with high acidity.

Out of the dry fishes murrel(Viral fish), Garra(Kuravai fish), Stingray(Thirukkai), Scorpian Fish(Theli), Spinned loach(Ayirai), Shark (Sura), Masara, Ladyfish (Kizhanga), Seer fish (Vanjaram) give the best results. These can be taken even during normal illness. These are the best dry fishes that do not break the potency and effectiveness of the drug.

Sidha medicine recommends not to eat dry dishes such as Emperor, Prawn, eal, greece carp fish
varieties, porcupine, and squid

Now, let's look at the medical benefits and disadvantages of some dry fishes.

1. Barramundi Dry fish(Koduva meen): 

Barramundi Dry Fish is more nutritious than Barramundi fresh fish. This is 4 times more protein, 10 times the concentration of minerals, 5 times more iron, and 2 times more calcium compared to fresh fish. By consuming this dry fish, one can easily recover from many types of physical problems including weakness, lack of immune system, anemia, and obesity.

100 grams of Barramundi Dry fish provides 266 calories of energy to our body. It is noteworthy that 100 grams of Barramundi fresh fish provide only 79 calories to our body.

2. Salted dry catfish(Uppankeluthi meen): 

Salted catfish are more nutritious than fresh catfish. 100 grams of salted catfish provide 255 calories of energy to our body. This is also known to provide the same benefits as the Barramundi Dry fish.

3. Kachchar Dry fish: 

Kachchar dry fish is a dried climbing fish that lives only in good waters of lakes, rivers, etc. Currently, a variety of small fish live in freshwater conditions, drying and selling them as "Kachchar dry fish" to deceive people. There are no clinical benefits from these fake dry fishes.

Kachchar dry fish cure Flatulence, cold and other disorders. Avoid Body itching; Eliminates appetite-related issues; Increase digestive power; Eliminates some fevers. The big drawback is that it increases bile. You can regulate the increase in bile by drinking high-quality ajwain water or dry ginger coffee after two hours of eating this dry fish. 

4. Barracuda dry fish: 

Barracuda dry fish (210 calories per 100 grams) provides more energy to the body than fresh fish (92 calories per 100 grams). This dry fish also has the same medical benefits as barramundi and Salted catfish. In taste, it will be like a kingfish/sheer fish.

5. Dry Shrimp(Iral karuvadu): 

Gives strength and mineral development to the body; Leads to the development of blood and sexual feelings. At the same time, it can cause health problems, including flatulence, anorexia, arthritis, itching, and diarrhea.

6. Dry Garfish(Kolli karuvadu/Kola meen karuvadu): 

It has the ability to remove mucus, it can also cause infections, including scabies, rashes, allergies, and skin disorders. Therefore, it is better to avoid consuming this often.

7. Dry Shark(Sura meen karuvadu) : 

Cures some abdominal pain, some diarrhea, etc. Stimulates appetite well. Removing intestinal worms. Controlling rheumatism and tuberculosis. In particular, the dry milk shark is the best. It greatly aids in breast milk secretion, menstrual impotence, and physical prowess. The habit of giving this cooked dry fish to postpartum women still exists today.

8. Dry Stingray( Thirukkai meen): 

It has all the medical benefits of dry shark fish.

9. Ullameen: 

If you have this dry fish often, you will get diseases including scabies, diarrhea, itching, and psoriasis.

10. Dry LadyFish (Kizhangan) : 

This fish enhances digestion; Increases appetite. Cures Constipation; Gives good nutrition and richness to the body.

11. Dry Murrel Fish (Kokku meen): 

Eliminates colds related diseases. In particular, whooping cough can be cured greatly. 

12. Dry Cobia Fish(Varal meen): 

Strengthens the body; Cure physical ailments; Increase digestive capacity; Increasing immunity.

13. Dry River Aaraal FIsh(Aatru Aaral Fish): 

This dry can help to get rid of constipation, urinary incontinence, body aches. However it will cause problem of bile, anorexia, high salivary gland, etc. Diseases are less common in sea Aaral dry fish.

14. Dry Garra Fish(Kuravai meen): 

The taste of the garra fish is similar to murrel. It help to control tuberculosis. Increasing the secretion of breast milk. Eliminates flatulence. Excessive intake can cause constipation.

15. Dry Black pomfret fish(Karuppu Vavval Fish): 

Increases sperm and breast milk secretion. If consumed in large quantities, it can cause diseases like diabetes, excessive urination, rash, scabies etc.

16. Dry greecee carp fish(Kendai Fish): 

Can cause stomach ailments including intestinal, abdominal pain, diabetes, ulcers, scabies.

17. Dry Masarai (a) Mayari fish: 

It can cure many diseases, including frequent fatigue, dizziness, a few stomach ailments, hyperactivity.

18. Dry Haystack fish(Olaivalai karuvadu): 

It can help cure bile and rheumatic diseases. Increases appetite. Improves digestion.