Cassia Auriculata (Aavaram flower in Tamil) is a plant that can be found in arid areas of Asian countries. Aavaram flower is a flower with medicinal properties. It is a self-growing shrub in villages and suburbs. Aavaram flower is used during the Thaipongal festival in Tamilnadu to tie in front of houses and to make garlands for the cows on Mattupongal. This flower is sold with leaves on the street during the Pongal festival. Dry Avaram flowers are sold in country drug stores. It would be available from the roadside/street greens vendors. Avarampoo oil & dried avaram flower are available at country drug stores.

There is a proverb in Tamil as "Aavarai Poothirukka Savarai Kandathundo?". That means we don't see deads when avaram flower season. This proves the power and medicinal properties of the flower.

Cassia Auriculata

The leaves, stems, roots, and flowers of the plant are all known to have medicinal properties.

For diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most threatening diseases in the world. Diabetes cannot be cured. But can be kept under control. The usual mistake people can do is that they miss keeping diabetes under control. Even though there are diabetes pills, insulin injections, they must follow the properly prescribed diets. Also, they have to take foods that have natural medicinal properties. Avaram flower is a natural medicine for diabetes that has amazing medicinal properties in that category.

Avaram flower helps to control diabetes. It also controls the ailments caused by diabetes such as thirst, physical fatigue, dry throat, and frequent urination.

Grind avaram flower, leaf, root, bark, resin all together with Jamun tree bark, Indian laburnum, Myrica Nagi, putchock with water, and make juice. This juice will control diabetes and cures diseases caused by diabetes.

In short, it has the medicinal properties of controlling blood sugar levels.

For skin disease:

Grind Avaram bark with milk and rub it on the body and take bath to cure any skin disease. Avaram oil is available in herbal stores. You can use that too.

Avaram flowers can be dried and added while making bath powders. These will remove the smell of sweat on the body and give a good skin tone to the body.

It cleanses the blood, removes unwanted wastes from the body through sweat, and gives shine to the skin.

Avaram powder is food that strengthens the uterus by removing dirt after childbirth!

It also reduces body heat and strengthens the hair follicles. That is why the ancestors used Avarai primarily in herbal bath powder. Using Avaram powder for kid's baths can avoid body heat and irritation, itching during summer.

Menstrual abdominal pain

Women are more likely to experience abdominal pain during menstruation. They should take the Aavaram leaf and tie it around the stomach. Stomach pain will definitely decrease if you tie it like this every night during menstrual days.

Those with excess bleeding should make powder from dry Avaram bark and store it. Mixing a quarter teaspoon with a tumbler of milk and drinking daily starting from 15 days before menstruation will reduce excessive bleeding.

Those who are more prone to whitening can get relief by drinking Avaram resin mixed with milk or whey.

Urinary problem

This is one of the most common problems in summer. Take a handful of Aavaram flowers, boil them in two tumblers of water, mix it with honey and drink it. If you drink it three days a week, urinary incontinence and irritability will soon disappear.

Avarai flower can be eaten as a drink, chutney, curry mixed with lentils. This can be cooked with moong dal and ghee and given to children. You can make tea with flowers and drink it.

Aavaram flower can be used for making rasam and Sambar. Avaram flowers can also be dried in the shade and powdered and can be used whenever needed.

Sidha medicine says that Avaram flowers strengthen the organs slowly when it consumed frequently. This is a good natural medicine and also a delicious food without any side effects. There is no substitute for it.